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North Gurgaon (DLF Phase 1-5 | South City-1 | Sushant Lok-1 | Sector-29)
Distillery, Gurugram
Distillery, Gurugram
Distillery, Gurugram
Distillery, Gurugram
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Distillery draws inspiration from a cultural reprisal of an era of speakeasies, scat, cigars, and gangsters. Taken from the legacies of a bygone era with a twist of adventure and modernism woven into its DNA. The space is inspired from the style and textures of steampunk, a popular cultural tangent which has an identity similar to that of the prohibition era.

Plot No. 16 & 17, Sector 29, Gurugram

The Menu

Distillery curated a magical cocktail menu using their in-house secret ingredients that’ll surely transcend you to the magical era, promising a night that’ll be full of delicious grub, startling music, and astonishing concoctions. Inspired by the style of Neo Noire, the property speaks for itself and the owners have made sure that the food and drinks lure you back.The food menu has been chosen from a vast, innovative and exuberant delicacies that caters your every mood. These include Pretty Boy Sugarcane Skewers, which are basically sugarcane sticks coated with assorted vegetables, Crispy cheese corals, which are seasoned mix cheese coated with crispy sheets and fried into a coral served with three pepper dip and avocado salsa and sesame served with sweet chili dip, Indian Mafia’s Visit, which is caraway seed thin crisp matthi topped with spicy tawa chicken and mango salsa are part of their menu.

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Plot No. 16 & 17, Sector 29, Gurugram


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Know More About Distillery

From the makers of Molecule, The Drunken Botanist and Viet: Nom comes another spectacular idea, the kind that’ll take you back to the golden era of gramophones, cigars, and gangsters. Distillery resonates the prohibition era but with a hint of adventure and modernism, making the blacks even blacker, the fires smokier, the liquor stronger and the women prettier. This one’s a high-end bar for those who like to live in the moment and live luxuriously. These people have also planned separate Gentlemen gang, The Boss Lady gang, and the Beardheroes Gang to add a twist. While the men can have their kinda night with cigars and scotch, ladies can plan theirs with an endless flow of cosmos and martinis.

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