Aroma Ceylon Body / Nail Spa & Massage

North Gurgaon (DLF Phase 1-5 | South City-1 | Sushant Lok-1 | Sector-29)
Aroma Ceylon
Aroma Ceylon
Aroma Ceylon
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Aroma Ceylon brings the spa experience to India from the country where people wear charming smile, Sri Lanka: A pearl of the Indian Ocean (British Ceylon), sign of the Buddhist legendary Ceylonese heritage enriched with the fragrance of tropical herbs and spices and complemented with the touch of the secret ancient healing recipes, Aroma Ceylon, also presents contemporary arts, crafts and products into your lifestyle collection.

SCO-33, Sector-29 Gurgaon

Holistic Body Therapy

Aroma Soothing Massage (60/90Minutes  Revitalizing

Deep Tissue Therapy (60/90 Minutes)

Lymphatic Drainage (60 Minutes)

Detox Slimming Therapy (60/90 Minutes) 

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Therapy (60/90 Minutes)

Aroma Soothing Massage (60/90Minutes)

Synchronized Four hand massage Therapy (60 Minutes)

Aroma Ceylon Signature Foot Therapy (60 Minutes)

Skin Care Treatments

Anti- Acne Purifying Facial (60 Minutes) 

Anti- Ageing Renewal Skin Cells Facial (60 Minutes)   

Casmara Facial (60 Minutes)

Face Massage (20 Minutes)

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SCO-33, Sector-29 Gurgaon

8882785785 + 7301(Extension No)

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