7 Global Teacher’s Day Traditions That We Bet You Didn’t Know

Teacher’s Day in India is celebrated on September 5th every year with great fervour and enthusiasm and why shouldn’t it be? After all, it’s that day of the year when we acknowledge and appreciate the teachers in our lives who have beautifully moulded us and made us the human beings that we are.

And while celebration of this day in India is limited to children decorating their classes, organising special events and giving their teachers thoughtful gifts, in other countries the ways and means of celebrating this day is different as they stem from different cultures and heritages. In this exclusive feature at What’s Up Life we list down for you 7 Global Teacher’s Day Traditions that we bet you didn’t know of-


Teacher’s Day can also be a day for students to understand more about teaching as a profession and hence, In Lithuania, Europe, teachers do not teach on this day. Instead, senior students hold classes for the rest of the school and teachers attend a concert performed by the students.

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In the United States, Teacher’s Day is a non-official holiday on the Tuesday of the first full week of May. To celebrate the day various national level events and exhibitions are organised for all teachers in the country that aim at strengthening the bond between teachers and students.  The celebrations of Teacher’s Day in the US may continue for the entire week of May.



Teacher’s Day Celebrations in Vietnam are grander than most other countries combined. Students begin preparing a week in advance of November 20 as this is when Teacher’s Day is observed here. A popular way of celebrating this special day in this country is students organising surprise leisure trips with their teachers to thank them. What a fun way to bond with your teachers isn’t it?



Teachers’ Day celebration in Brunei commemorates the birth date of the 28th ruler of Brunei, Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien III, who emphasised the importance of education to his subjects by introducing a policy of ‘free’ education whereby the citizens are charged very nominal fees for attending schools. This policy continues till date and students in the country are allowed to accept their favourite subject classes at minimal cost.



Teacher’s Day in Canada is celebrated On October 5 and on this day Canadian Teachers’ Federation and its member organisations across the country celebrate through a public awareness campaign that highlights the contributions of the teaching profession.


Czech Republic

Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 28th March in Czech Republic to commemorate the birthday of John Amos Comenius, who was country’s most renowned teacher, writer, educator and philosopher. As part of this days’ celebration Czech students nominate their favourite teachers to an annual Golden Amos competition where teachers are judged on various parameters and the best in the country is then crowned.


Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is one country where Teacher’s Day is not celebrated on a specific day per say but for an entire week. Yes, every year Saint Lucia organise a Teachers Week instead that goes on from 4 October – 11 October and as a part of the week long celebrations a new theme is selected annually and activities such as educational conferences, boat rides, city fairs are organised to celebrate the contribution of great teachers in the country.



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