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If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.

Albert Einstein

Off the rack clothing, although quick, is not able to fit every occasion. Indian culture adds to the fashion grandeur of those special occasions. What better than having a personal designer to design for those occasions and all of it being affordable enough to make everyday an occasion.

So if looking good is important to you every single day, opt for Get Stitched and thank us later for this recommendation.

Get stitched imageWhat is GET STITCHED?

Get Stitched is a team of fashion designers, aimed at upgrading your experience from an average boutique or tailor shop to a personal fashion designer and professional tailoring. Yes, Professional !! They meet the timelines and the committed fit & style so that you don’t have to follow up on it.

Founded by Shazia Siddiqui Otwani, graduate in Lifestyle & Jewelry designing from Limkokwing University, Malaysia, in June 2014.

Imagine how comfortable it is to have a designer understand your brief and design it for you without having to go through the hassles of a tailor measuring you?
The designing team attending the clients hold professional degrees from reputed institutes like NIFT, Pearl Academy and such.

How to get an appointment with them:

Either call on 786 100 1122 or visit their website to book an appointment.

You’ll have their fashion designer ringing your door bell and guiding you with upbeat designs as per your wish. Whether you desire a statement dress for your birthday, a business suit for an important meeting or your wedding day special outfit, they have you covered.


They currently serve all of Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida with a minimum billing value of 2000. All said and done, they also offer 7 Day Delivery Promise.

In conversation with Mr. Faisal Saiyed (Vice President – Marketing and Network alliances),

‘’An ensemble of colorful fabrics stitched to perfection is the base of almost every beautiful dress. This is what we promise and deliver. Our aim is to uplift the consumers to experience designer clothing for both special occasions and regular days. We are working towards creating a system to benefit consumers & designers as well by bridging the gap. We have the entire team in-house, and not aggregated, giving us the capability to meet the consumer’s demand in best possible ways.”

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