7 Crazy Ways Game of Thrones Can End

Winter has gone in real but this spring has brought the season of Game Of Thrones back after such a long wait. The wait has been long, painful and absolutely gut wrenching thinking and predicting the fate of our favourite characters. When some of us, the fans, were sitting and waiting in vain for the new season, there were some others who wrote and talked about the many theories. Now with a fully fledged trailer and premiere date out, we must anticipate and look at these 7 ways GoT can end.

Sansa dies in the last season

Lets not forget that during an interview Maisie Williams has told everyone to pay attention to the parallels between the first and the last season. In thie first season when Ned Stark greets Robert Bratheon, he says “Winterfell is yours.” And we know the fate of Ned Stark. Cut to the recent trailer that has come, Sansa stares weirdly at Daenerys and greets her saying the EXACT. SAME. THING.

Tyrion is in love with Daenerys

We all felt something weird and fishy when season 7 ended with Tyrion watching Jon and Daenerys and has that strange expression on his face. As per many theories, Tyrion is actually in love with Daenerys hence he loathes the idea of J ad D being together. In fact, he has been in live with her all this time hence he sends Ser Jorah away for greyscale treatment and also advises Daenerys to leave Daario behind in Essos so that he can be the only man close to her.

Hound Kills The Mountain

Well, the speculations of this actually happening actually started when
in March 2019, Entertainment Weekly released 16 covers teasing the final season, and one of those covers has The Hound and The Mountain. So maybe Cleganebowl is going to happen.

Bran Is The Night King

As per many Bran will be revealed as the Night King. How, you ask….. well, do you remember how Bran keeps going back in time throughout history to stop the Night King and eventually got stuck inside him.

Jamie Kills Cersei

Remember how Cersei revealed her plans to sit around and let everyone else fight the Night King, Jaime left Cersei and their alleged unborn child. It has been anticipated that if and when he and Cersei meet again, you can bet it won’t be a happy reunion.

Arya Kills Cersei

We all know how Arya can change faces! Much anticipation is that Arya first kills Jamie and then uses his face to kill Cersei.

Jon Wins Game Of Thrones

Many believe that once Daenerys comes to know that Jon is literally her nephew, she will give up the throne to Jon Snow who will ultimately rule the seven kingdoms.


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