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The wait is finally over with the Game of Thrones Season 6 arriving this week. Keeping up the hype of the previous season and it’s climax, this season right from the first episode builds forward the storyline left at a cliffhanger at certain places last season. The first episode called ”The Red Woman” sort of self-explains that the episode would be centered about Melisandre, the Red priestess. Considering her mystical powers, the fans expected her to weave her mysticism into bringing back the fan favourite Jon Snow to life. So does she go to work directly or does she abandon the night’s watch like she did with Stannis. Is she an agent of chaos or is she a saviour?


The episode begins with Jon Snow lying dead as a rock and an absolute confirmation that he is gone. Melisandre on looking cannot possibly believe that he is dead as she saw him fighting in the flames in Winterfell. Hostility is in the air for Jon Snow and everyone who supports him. The episode then shifts focus to Dorne where the news of Princess Myrcella being assassinated en route to King’s Landing possibly by Elaria Sand and the Sand Snakes. As soon as Prince Doran reads the fateful missive he is then assassinated himself by Elaria with a parting message that weak men would never rule Dorne. Watching Myrcella’s dead body brings back the ruthless Lannister resolve missing in Jamie Lannister for long.

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Moving to the east, Khaleesi is captured by the ruthless Dothraki horde, she is then brought to the new Khal, Khal Moro. Upon his realization that she is the widow of the previous Khal, she is then vowed to not being touched by any member and then be escorted to Vaes Dothrak where she would join the other widows of previous Khals. At Bravos, a blind Arya Stark is seen begging and then being taught the hard way how to fight being blind.

But the most heroic of all these scenes was the rescue of Sansa Stark by lady Brienne. Eventually, when Theon and Sansa are caught by the Bolton search party and when the future seemed bleak and torturous for Theon and Sansa, lady Brienne arrives and puts an end to that scheme and thereby finally coming into the service of Sansa.

Game of Thrones has been known to be very notorious when it comes to the last scene of an episode giving the viewer a tease and leaving them with a lot of anticipation for the next and something like this too happens this time around too. Melisandre strips, well there’s nothing new in that but only this time around she removes her red necklace and turns into an old lady creating more mystic to her persona. The famous fan theory describing this act is that she would give up all her years to give them to Jon.


So now, the wait has begun again, this time just for a week, to find out what will the mystical woman do next and what will be the fate of other doomed souls on this show.

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