Fun ways to host a perfect T-20 Cricket party at home

India lives and breathes cricket – be it swashbuckling international match-ups, to domestic cricket or club cricket…the country as a whole literally comes to a halt during important match days. While the more official institutions and streets wear a deserted look, bars, lounges and malls are jam-packed with people willing to watch the live screening of that one particular match.

Moreover, when it comes to fun loving foodies, cricket matches work as an excellent excuse to get together with friends and family – to have a memorable and definitely fun time.

Now with the IPL season in full swing, here’s a quick and simple guide to organizing a super T-20 IPL Cricket party right in the comfort zone of your sweet sweet home.

The Invitations

ipl invitations
Invitations help set the tone for any party one chooses to organize. For hosting a party at home over a game of cricket, the scene shouldn’t be any different. Making a list of all the people you want to have over at your place is the first and perhaps one of the most important decisions regarding this.

With that taken care of, you can choose to be creative while sending out the invites – maybe something like writing down your invitation pitch on cricket balls or miniature bats? That way your guests even get to keep a souvenir from your party!

Setting up the mood and ambiance

ipl house parties
Lets face it, no matter how close you are to your fellow guests – they’ll definitely not want to sit in a room where there is dirty laundry all around. Right?
So much prior to the party date, you should buckle up, drink some Gatorade and get to cleaning. Setting up your food table in a fun way, decorating the place with balloons which resemble the colours of the participating teams are the obvious options you have to check out at first. To get everyone in the spirit, have them whoop it up with pom-poms, whistles and even party-poppers!

Comfortable seating

comfortable seating cricket party
Through all the excitement of having everyone under one roof, the main motive behind the party should not be forgotten – watching the cricket match. Give your guests their comfortable choice of seating around the television. A large sofa and a few chairs are ideal for accommodating your game-watching friends!


IPL Party Food
I mean come on! There’s nothing which doesn’t bode well with good food. Prepare the food early, before the match begins ’cause you surely don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen while the folks on the field are hitting sixes and breaking records!

Have the food ready on the serving table alongside the drinks. Easy to eat items like sandwiches, burgers, nachos and other finger food items are most preferred. Cupcakes should serve the best for your dessert.

The drink(ing) situation

drinking at home
Apart from serving light drinks like soda and juices nothing really compares to having a cold beer while you watch your team kick some….lets leave it at that, shall we? Regardless of which, make sure you have enough refreshments and drinks stored up to re-fuel all your guests, ’cause it’s a pretty sure shot scenario that y’all are going to need to quench your thirst after much screaming and shouting.


Have your guests bet on the participating teams and watch the madness unfold. Jk Jk, just kidding. It’ll be fun nonetheless to snatch up a few bucks in the form of bets from your friends!


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Currently a final year student at Bhawanipur Education Society College. I've been the drummer for the bands After We Fell and Stained. I've also been a two time state champion and a black belt in karate. A Delhi Public School passout, the flair for writing came from writing poems and song lyrics.


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