Because, You Need Your Wife’s Consent To Travel With Your Friends

Every year, the FIFA World Cup has its own subtle ways of getting over people’s head. This time, it’s no different as five friends from Mexico had planned to go to Russia on a road trip to support their national team. But one of them had to back out, not because his parents stopped him from going to Russia but because it was a clear NO, NO! from his wife.Yes! You read that right.

Instead of cribbing over the fact that his friend didn’t come along with them, the four guys made a life-size card board cut out of him and guess what? He is now travelling virtually with his friends, living his and their dreams too of going to Russia and witnessing all the nail biting upsets which have happened till now in between the footballing greats. (Lucky human, getting all the attention by simply sitting at home)

Well, now that is how we would define a friendship goal as. What do you think,hm?


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