Free Tarot Fortune for August 15th – September 15th, 2017

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There are tricky energy transformations happening this period. The good news is that everything happening around us is also Divine and pure in essence. The Goddess Guides us to allow our consciousness to be Godward as we go through the tumultuous moon. Summoning the great courage within us, to surmount our unique challenges, is required. The Goddess Guides us not to feed our insecurities instead surrender to divine faith and to watch how the divine aligns everything.



Dear One, A grand opportunity for change and healing opens up now. The Wheel of Destiny turns now moving life forward in a higher design. You may step out of comfort zones now. Keep affirming that everything is happening for your highest good eventually and that is the truth. Let go of all that is not serving you now. Open your heart and allow healing to happen. In matter of love, a soul mate connection is supportive and affectionate. Follow your heart in matters of the heart. In matters of Health, the 5 of wands asks you to focus fully on your health and fitness. You are advised not to drain your energy on mundane affairs. In matter of Career and Wealth, It is critical to believe in your self and to keep investing in self empowerment. You are growing at your own unique pace. Your Spirit Guides ask you to move on emotionally and walk away from a difficult situation.



Dear One, the King of Cups allows you to practice compassion for self and others. A healing at a deep level happens when you give yourself some time off from fulfilling others demands on you. Take time out to heal your self now so you can see things clearly. In matter of love, if complacency has set in your love life, you are advised to heal what is broken. It is time to get out of comfort zones and move on. In matter of Health, a sheer neglect of the self causes poor energy levels so please bring your focus to establishing a healthier lifestyle and banishing addictions. In matter of Career and Wealth, you reap grand rewards as you follow your passion. Many creative avenues open up for you now. You move closer to living your dream now. Your Spirit guides you to let your hair down and rejoice in the gifts life has given you.



Dear One,  the theme for this period is to trust life and have some fun. The Ace of Wands opens new dimensions for you as you connect with the source energy that drives you in life. This is a brilliant time to reconnect with things you are passionate about. In matter of love, the Queen of Cups make you open and receptive to new wonderful experiences. You are warm and nurturing in your relationships. In matter of health, the Ace of cups suggest you drink enough water and continue your health efforts as they are bringing good rewards to you. In matter of Career and Wealth, it is time to focus on priorities and cut your expenses on frivolous things. Professionally, you know what to do so stop falling prey to other people’s agendas. Your Spirit guides ask you to take a vacation and recharge your energies.S



Dear One, if you are grappling with anxieties and sleepless nights, the temperance asks you to involve the divine to simplify things for you. Everything perfectly aligns for you in the divine time. In matter of the heart, the 5 of Swords, asks you to focus on your similarities rather than your differences with the significant other. Shift your focus on the gifts yo

u are born with. In matter of health, 6 of cups asks to redesign your health goals with love and joy. You are closer to your objectives than you think. In matter of Career and Wealth, reconsider temptations as you could be mislead into doing something against your intuition. You Spirit Guides ask you to take each moment as it comes. Some things are half baked yet so being patient is advised.



Dear One, you are being advised to look at the opportunities in your current challenges. Something fake falls away leaving room for new beginnings. In matter of love and relationships, the 3 of cups brings a joyful period with friends and family. Reunions and celebrations are on the cards. In matter of health, the Ace of Swords advises you to master the mind and determine new health agendas. In matter of Career and Wealth, if you find yourself tied up with many liabilities and


commitments, then it may be time to shake up things a little. It is time to lighten things up.Your Spirit Guides ask you to bring a change in your monotonous routine.



Dear One, You learn how to accept people the way they are. A challenging circumstance brings you closer to your loved ones. In matter of the heart, do not let stress disrupt peace and harmony in a relationship. Follow your own heart in a significant relationship rather than listening to others. In matter of health, the Queen of Cups asks you to really nurture your self physically and emotionally. In matter of Career and Wealth, you are respected and appreciated by your professional environment. Your investments bring a steady return. Your Spirit Guides ask you to stay playful and jovial through your experiences.



Dear One, The Queen of Swords allows you to take practical decisions and walk away from an unhealthy situation. Being gentle with yourself and others allows the matter to heal. In matter of the heart, take your time to figure out what you want from life and take more time to understand a certain relationship. In matter of Health, work on leading a happier balanced life and your health issues are sorted. In matter of Career and Wealth, you network far and wide now. You professionally tie up with other like minded souls creating global footprints. You Spirit Guides ask you to stay close to your inspiration. Family matters take priority now.



Dear One, It may be time to assert your ground if you are being taken for granted. The 9 of wands reminds you to unburden yourself a bit as a new goal needs your attention. In matter of the heart, do not settle for compromises in a love situation as it doesn’t serve in the long run. Call a spade a spade and face whatever comes up. In matters of health, clear goals need to be defined for the future. In matter of Career and Wealth, a moderate approach brings everything in balance now. Bigger and better plans are being shaped now for you professionally. Your Spirit Guides ask you to be patient.


Sagittarius tarot

Dear One, You explore new opportunities and aspects of life now. Adventure trips and travel bring fun experiences to you now. In matter of the heart, you arrive at clarity and liberation now. You redefine who you are and what you want from life and that changes everything for the better. In matter of health, notice the signs your body gives you to take care of it. It is advised not to ignore your health and nourishment as you have a hectic lifestyle. In matter of Career and Wealth, follow your instincts while making business decisions. Your Spirit Guides ask you to trust your instincts on people.


Capricorn tarot

Dear One, The High priestess and the Empress govern this phase for you asking you to pray to higher sources to help you manifest and create what you wish. Divine blessings flow through you now. In matter of relationships, it is time for self care for now. You need to recharge your own self to serve other responsibilities. In matter of Health, it is critical to watch what you eat. In matter of Career and Wealth, slowly and steadily you are headed towards harmony and success. Your Spirit Guides ask you to celebrate your daily victories.



Aquarius tarot

Dear One, You are being asked to silently explore all your options for now. It is not the time to rush into things. In matters of love, the Sun blesses your relationship with harmony and positivity. You are able to stay positive through your current challenges. In matter of health, you explore new routes to fitness and health. In matter of Career and Wealth, be flexible and explore new directions to explore your full potential. Your Spirit Guides ask you to break away from unhealthy people or situations.


Pisces tarot

Dear One, this period is focused on love and relationships. You hang between two extremes in a  significant relationship. Allow some more time to pass before you conclude on a decision. In matter of love, it is best to take a back seat and watch what happens. Divine signs guide you through your intuition now. Taking out time for your own self is advised by the 8 of Pentacles. In matter of health, resume a slow and steady approach towards your fitness. In matter of Career and Wealth,  the Ace of Wands brings new business opportunities. Your Spirit Guides ask you to trust life.

Much Love and Light


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