Free Tarot Fortune January 15th- February 15th 2018

Ancient and Mystic Tarot Wisdom has the power to be your guiding light for your love life, your career and money matters. The 78 Tarot cards are an ancient mystic oracle system which can guide and advise you in matters of daily life!

The new year 2018 brings many opportune moments to complete projects which have been initiated this year. However, the divine energies are truly testing our intent to remain hundred percent devoted our own unique missions. Half hearted ideas are sluggish to take form naturally, however as we transit through the powerful blue moon in this fortnight everything starts aligning at its own divine pace. Despite the outward occurrence it is essential to keep calm and be optimistic.



Dear One, the 10 of pentacles brings a time of reunions with family and loved ones. In matter of love and relationships staying connected with your soul groups deeply nurtures and heals you internally. It is essential to value each person in your soul group and it may be time to strengthen the weakest link now. In matter of  health, the 10 of cups asks you to focus on enhancing harmony and inner peace by choosing to engage in activities that bring tranquility to your soul. In matter of Wealth, the 8 of cups asks you to emotionally detach from a business deal that has not worked out or an asset which is not performing at this point of time. Take a break for now. In matter of Career, stick to tradition and take no professional risks for now. It may be a good time to invest in learning a new skill. Your Spiritual Guidance is to unburden your self from other’s issues and follow your own path.



Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, you are required to rely on your inner strength while dealing with a critical situation at hand. Your patience will allow you to overcome the personal challenge at hand. In matter of Health, you are more resourceful than you think to be able to manifest good health for yourself. Take small steps in the direction of a healthier lifestyle. In matter of Wealth, the Magician generates opportunities for growth and abundance now. Pay attention to the blessings in disguise. You are more creative than you think so participate in the creation of wealth now. On a professional note, you slowly and steadily proceed towards your goals. It is okay to slow down and grow at your own pace. Your Spiritual Guidance is to trust that everything is aligning at the right time in the right manner for you.



Dear One, In matter of love and relationship, The Sun shines on you and helps you see things with a brighter perspective in a significant relationship. You adeptly facilitate a simple solution to a complicated problem.  In matter of health, 7 of cups asks you to remain in awareness of your own health situation. Routine check ups are suggested. In matter of  Wealth, the 2 of swords brings a stalemate situation.  The 2 of swords asks you to wait a while before a decision is made in a critical situation. In Professional matters,  you may keep your own counsel for now. Take a break to introspect before you plan a change in your professional course. Your Spiritual Guidance is to go beyond your self created limitations.



Dear One, You are asked to keep your travel and adventure spirit alive to rekindle your own spirit now.  Those who are single may explore a new interesting relationship. However, all that glitters is not always gold so keep exploring. Children play a role in keeping your inner child alive now. In matter of Health, join a group exercise program says the 10 of pentacles rather than exercising in isolation to stay motivated. In matter of wealth, 2 of wands brings opportunities from overseas so pay attention. Keep your options open till you find your intuition showing you your path distinctly. In professional matters do not allow petty matters to get the better of you. It is critical to remain focused on the larger goals. Your Spiritual Guidance is to ask the higher cosmic divine powers to answer your prayers.



Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, new relationship goals need to be defined says the 9 of cups. It is time to realize that the past is behind you and a new journey awaits. It is time to get out of comfort zones. In matters of health, an old health issue asks you to be vigilant and follow a healthy lifestyle. Diagnose the actual cause of your health issue patterns. In matter of Wealth, 8 of cups asks you to think practically rather than emotionally about major financial decisions. In professional matters if you are contemplating change then this may not be the most agreeable time. Allow better opportunities to arise. Your Spiritual Guidance is to connect with the source energy that empowers your core.



Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, the 3 of swords asks you to overcome past emotional wounds and be future oriented. Isolation is not healthy or favorable for this period of time. You may need to connect to an old dear friend and unload your feelings. In matter of health, listen to your intuition to help you heal. You may be lead to an expert who knows how to help you. Taking expert advice is suggested by the 3 of pentacles. In matter of Wealth, your anxiety is without cause as your well being is supported. Things are going to work themselves out in your favor. In matters of Career, you could explore new avenues or learn a new skill. Job changes or creative pursuits are supported now. Your Spiritual Guidance is that the worst is behind you. A new sunrise beckons.



Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, the wheel of fortune brings major positive changes in your life now.  It is advised to stay centered and grounded as your life style goes through waves of change. In matters of health, stick your own system of bringing balance to your mind, body and soul. Solitary walks and meditation are suggested by the Hermit. In matter of Wealth, you are assertive and forward thinking in your financial decisions now. You are bold and determined in creating a firm foundation for your financial flow now. In matters of Career, you are spontaneous and creative in your approach. Ensure a balance between work and play for raising your efficiency. Your Spiritual Guidance is to be moderate for now.



Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, if you are contemplating a decision listen to your heart when you do so. It is okay to defer a decision you are unsure about it. Some things are unknown about a certain matter in a relationship situation. In matter of health, you overcome a health situation with your spiritual grit and determination. A major lifestyle change is being advised to you for your greater well being. In matter of Wealth, Empress brings a great financial opportunity to you. A new business venture takes off on a promising note. Advertising and Marketing aid in achieving your goal. In professional matters, you adeptly handle your responsibilities and can take it easy. Your Spiritual Guidance is to sow the seeds for a grander future.



Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, for those who are single,the 2 of wands, asks you to keep exploring new possibilities and new relationships till you meet the one. Those who are in a relationship are advised to focus on the bigger virtues in their relationship and forget about the trifles. In matter of health, keep yourself prepared for the changes in weather conditions. Raise your immunity with healthy eating and regular workout. In matters of Wealth, you gain clarity and direction about your financial blueprint. The completion of a project or an idea generates Wealth opportunities. Financial support is available to you now. In matters of Career, deep introspection is needed for you to base your future decisions on. Your Spiritual Guidance is to be open to the new.



Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, a slow and steady approach takes you surely towards your relationship goals. It is advisable to take more time before bigger decisions are made. Inner stability leads you to stability in your environment. In matter of health, you need to prioritize radical healthy changes in diet. Increase your physical movement to raise your energy levels. In matters of Wealth, the 4 of swords asks you to appreciate the delays in any major financial decision. In matter of Career, overanalysing a work situation can be draining and unfruitful. So allow your heart to show you the way forward. Your Spiritual Guidance is to remain patient with yourself as you emerge out of inertia. Major spiritual healing is happening for you now.



Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, the 3 of cups brings a time of rejoicing and celebrating with loved ones. Reunions and family gatherings are on the cards. In matter of health, you may need to invoke inner discipline to evade giving in to temptations and over indulgence says the Devil. You can overpower your weaknesses with your will power now. In matter of Wealth, the 8 of cups asks you to allow emotions not to be enter twined with financial decisions. Walk away from a complicated situation till good sense prevails.In professional matters, shield yourself against negativity. Believe in your self and keep your own counsel now. Your Spiritual Guidance is to allow a spiritual detox.


Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, you are open and spontaneous in your approach to the outer world. Your social life is fun and scintillating if you remain open to fun and joy. In matter of Health, explore new and exciting ways to create a fitter version of you. A health retreat or a walk in the woods can be invigorating for your senses. In matters of Wealth, your worries will be put to rest if you practice a moderate approach to the creation of wealth. A financial recovery is on the cards says the 10 of swords. In professional matter, you need to finish what you have started. Your Spiritual Guidance is to invest time to creating and cultivating inner harmony.

Much Love and Light


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