Free Tarot Readings for April 15th – May 15th 2017

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Ancient and Mystic Tarot Wisdom has the power to be your guiding light for your love life, your career and money matters. The 78 Tarot cards are an ancient mystic oracle system which can guide and advise you in matters of daily life! 

The Goddess Guidance for this period is to maintain focus on the goals we had set at the beginning of the year. There are major agendas for this year. This current general advice is to not get swayed by outer negativity and to follow our own unique paths. The coming May is good for healing and new beginnings in relationships.

Aries picture

Aries: Dear One, In matter of love and relationship, you may find your patience being tested. The 7 of pentacles helps you remember that it is important not to rush anything now. You may need to nurture your relationship more. In matters of Career, the 4 of pentacles reveals you have a riches of wisdom and talent to be explored and shared at work. Don’t hold yourself back now. In matter of Health, allow yourself get enough restful sleep says the 9 of Swords. Unwind at your own pace and allow anxieties to rest before you go to bed. In matter of Wealth, you have learnt lessons in conserving your resources and to stay moderate while spending. Your Spirit Guidance is to take dynamic steps into your future.

Taurus picture

Taurus: Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, the 4 of swords asks to take space for yourself and reflect on things. You are advised to express how you truly feel about something in a significant relationship. In matter of Career, do not fall prey to petty politics at work. If you are doubtful about someone, follow your intuition. In matter of health, laughter and good cheer keep you vigorous and healthy. The Sun asks you to take a holiday in nature to rejuvenate your health. In matter of Wealth, you are abundant and provided for. Channelise and grow your resources with the help of an expert. You Spirit Guidance is to trust that which created you.

Gemini picture

Gemini: Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, as you become open to socializing, you open up to new friendships. New social dimensions open up now. In matter of Career, it is a period of discovering you own path now. A sabbatical may help you rediscover the path you wish to walk on. Take time out to introspect. In matter of health, a routine health check up helps you understand and heal a health situation. In matter of Wealth, you are in two minds about a decision. It is advised to allow some more time to pass so that your intuition can guide you towards an appropriate decision about your wealth. Your Spirit Guidance is to enjoy the Present.

Cancer picture

Cancer: Dear One, In matter of love and relationship, travel and romance are on the cards for this period. A great time to plan a trip to meet loved ones. In matter of Career, the 2 of Wands brings new opportunities  for you. Broaden your horizon as you are in demand now. In matter of Health, pay attention to your diet this Summer. You digestion may need you to take it easy this summer. Stay hydrated. In matter of Wealth, you act on your intuition towards a significant investment. Your Spirit Guidance is to let the past go but learn from your mistakes.

leo tarot card

Leo: Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, if you are annoyed with someone it is best to have a dialogue in a calm spirit. Change is overwhelming till it is resisted. Be gentle with yourself and others. In matter of Career, it is a period to move on. If something is not working out it is time go let go. You take on new challenges professionally. In matter of health, the 3 of wands asks you consistently work on your health. Nourish yourself with natural foods and beverages. In matter of Wealth, do not allow fears to hold you back. Your inner resources help you create what you need. Your Spirit Guidance is to join hands with like minded souls for a common global cause.virgo tarot card

Virgo: Dear One, In matter of relationships,a major transformation in you brings positive changes in your social life. It is a period to reinvent now.In matter of Career, you may wish to make some radical decisions to shake up the way things are at work. You may have outgrown your current circumstances. A change is definitely on the cards here. In matters of health, allow your self to relax and recharge. Worrying about outcomes rarely generates peace and health. In matters of Wealth, you prepare to make an investment which helps you in the future. Your Spirit Guidance is to let go and let God solve every puzzle for you.
libra tarot card

Libra: Dear One, In matter of love and relationships, you are being asked to follow your own conscience for the decision on a matter. You may have to take a tough stand in a relationship concern. In matter of  Career, you may be traveling for work in this period. There are learning curves on this path. In matter of Health, you adhere to a firm stand to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It is a good time to break away from habits that keep you from being healthy. In matter of Wealth, you may be envisioning the future of an idea you are struck with. Long term perspectives must be kept in mind for now. You Spirit guides ask you to listen to your intuition. 

Scorpio picture

Scorpio: Dear One, In matter of love and relationship, you receive a significant message from a loved one. Be balanced and moderate between work and life to have harmonious relationships. In matter of Career, some changes in your environment create new waves. It is important for you to be balanced through it all. In matter of health, a holistic balance is arrived at if you live in sync with your own spirit. Prayers go a long way in improving emotional and physical health. In matter of Wealth, take more time to make up your mind regarding an asset. Your Spirit Guide ask you to let your hair down and relax.

Sagittarius picture

Sagittarius: Dear One, In matter of love and relationship, you act on an inner decision. You decisive spirit creates positive result now. In matter of Career, you close some doors and open new ones. Some professional concepts fall away and new ideas take shape. In matter of Health, follow your inner road map at your own pace towards your health. Burdening yourself with overwhelming health goals is not advised. In matter of Wealth, do not expect the worst, you are provided for. Everything falls in place in divine time. Your Spirit Guides ask you to consult an expert in an area of your concern.

Capricorn picture

Capricorn: Dear One, In matter of love and relationship, the 4 of cups acknowledges a troubled time but advises you to appreciate the blessings in your situation. Seek your inner counsel for advice. In matter of Career, if monotony and routine is getting to you it is advised to take a break and do something differently. Exhaustion from mundane things may be stealing your energy. Change your routine to energize. In matter of health, follow the mind over matter approach. Rest and recuperation advised for sure. In matter of Wealth, the Empress awakens great ideas which generate abundance now. Your creativity leads you to your riches. You spirit guides ask you keep a light hearted approach. 

Aquarius picture

Aquarius: Dear One, in matter of love and relationships, the 3 of swords asks you connect with loved ones and share your feelings. Walk past a recent disappointment as a thing of the past. In matter of Career, the Wheel of fortune is turning in your favor. Fate is at play and your destiny moves you in its direction now. In matter of health, emotional healing and opening of the heart brings an overall sense of well-being. In matter of Wealth, avoid making half hearted decision in this sphere. Your spirit guides are guiding you through your intuition now.


Pisces: Dear One, In matter of love and relationship, you learn the value of patience to strengthen your bonds now. Some things come to fruition at their own time says the 7 of pentacles.You have much to do now. Trust and patience is the approach says the cards. In matter of Career, your inner strength is tested. Your perseverance will help you win against odds. Courage is the key now. In matter of Health, unburden from other’s stress and see your life heal. You arrive at your perfect health by following your own intuitive approach. In matter of Wealth, your skills and gifts bring you rewards. Your Spirit guides to move forward courageously.


Much Love and Light


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