TAROT FORTUNE 2019 by Manasi Raina

Ancient and Mystic Tarot Wisdom has the power to be your guiding light for your love life, your career and money matters.The 78 Tarot cards are an ancient mystic oracle system which can guide and advise you in matters of daily life!

2019 brings the energy of the divine number 3.This auspicious and creative number 3 implies growth and development across various aspects in life in general.Spirituality and creative solutions to serious problems become the motto for the coming year.

2019 brings the potential for beginnings and developments.It will be a time to nurture the ideas which have germinated in 2018.2019 largely is bringing the space for resurrection and healing.An inherent theme is to focus on furthering human connections and cultural bonding.The energy of 2019 revolves around questions around politics and leadership agendas influencing the World at large.The 5 of Wands asks us to keep other’s perspectives in mind and steer away from confrontational approaches.Choosing peace over confrontation is the Goddess Tarot Guidance for our country in specific.

The year 2019 shall culminate in the recognition of uniting consciousness and laying foundations for new ways of being.The energy guidance for our nation from a political point of view is that this will be a decisive year in the history of Indian Politics as only those with good intentions seems to attain victory now.For the Environment, The Queen of Swords asks us to edit our lifestyles and delete habits which our causing destruction to our living conditions.Expect hard decisions and penalties for violators in 2019.Indian Economy seems to survive and go forward.Obstacles arise if we don’t develop more positive attitudes towards life in general.The General Goddess Tarot Guidance is to shift our focus from absolute materialism to genuine humanitarian objectives.


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Dear One, the theme for 2018 primarily was around new beginnings especially in the area of work and career.New possibilities have opened up in 2018 for you.The lesson learnt from 2018 is planning a bigger vision and planning forward says the Ace of Swords.The theme for 2019 dwells around using discretion and making wise decisions.Being courageous and resolute is the main agenda for 2019.In matter of love and family, The card of Strength asks you to bring forth your patience and perseverance while dealing with loved ones.Your spiritual strength helps you overcome a family situation.In matter of Health, the 9 of cups brings you the potential good health, however it will be a task to avoid getting into comfort zones. Wealth wise, the Ace of Pentacles can bring the creation of an asset or a beginning of a new business venture this year.Professionally, stability is the mainstay of this year.Investing time in learning a new skill or upgrading skill sets is advised.Your Spiritual Guidance is to keep your ethics and values close in the coming year.Going slow and steady is the dominant energy this year.


tarot reading for 2019

Dear One, if the pressures and responsibilities of 2018 have left you exhausted it is probably time to let your hair loose a little.The theme for 2018 has been to draw healthy personal boundaries.2019 is asking you to take a momentous leap forward and move on emotionally.The learning from 2018 ask you to be flexible and see creative solutions in your situations.You may need to choose the high road while dealing with a difficult relationship.In matter of love, you find strength and peace in your own company.You can rely on steady and loyal friends and family for supporting you like always.In matter of health, the Ace of Pentacles asks you make a new wise decisions to improvise your health and nutrition at your own pace in 2018. Wealth wise, a decision that seems to be pending can be resolved through mediation and moderation.It will be wise to watch the flow of finances to be able to manage it well.Professionally, the 5 of Wands asks you to minimize confrontations and create team spirit as much as possible.Great tasks are accomplished through team work and focus in 2019.Your Spiritual Guidance is to bring forth inner courage and face the challenges in a bold fashion.


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Dear One, 2018 has been a year of learning and evolution for you. The parting year has left your wiser and maturer for sure. You see value in understanding the cycles of life, maturity and rebirth now.Everything aligns itself in divine timing for you now. The lesson for 2018 has primarily been to get out of comfort zones and to take action towards what you like. 2019 is asking you to be more daring and suggests you do not settle down for anything that is not upto your mark. In matter of Love and relationships, your spirit and passion is rejuvenated with bonding with soul mate like connections. 2019 is a year for cherishing and treasuring deep connections your soul has experienced. In matter of Health, the mind is all that you have to manage in 2019 to be in physical good health. Wealth wise, you take a leap of faith in 2019 and make an investment which is going to be fruitful in the long run to come. There are new business offers which are promising. Professionally speaking you are dynamically moving forward with your newfound focus and passion towards your career. Your Spiritual Guides ask you to keep up a consistent self care practice. A sabbatical of sorts to play Hermit is a great idea to gain clarity in 2019.


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Dear One, the year 2018 has been monumental in helping you arriving at a new ideas and perspectives.2018 being an action packed year with travel and action towards has taught you the value of staying focused and positive.2019, is going to further your journey of self empowerment.You take more gigantic steps forward towards self empowerment.In matter of love and relationships, you experience the warmth and blessings of a close friendship.There is healing and cohesion in an important situation.In matter of health, the Devil tempts you to stray from your own agendas so be firm and resolute.In matter of Wealth, the Queen of cups helps you create conditions of new wealth opportunities.As you heal emotionally you continue to expand your financial horizons.Professionally, 2019 provides you many opportunities for self inquiry into you true career goals and helps you identify which roads to take eventually.Your Spiritual Guidance for 2019 is to build a strong foundation for the future to come.


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Dear One, 2018 has been a year of balance and tradition for most of you.Everything has fit itself in its place eventually.However the larger lessons for 2018 have been of valuing people and relationships.2019 brings the auspicious creative energy of the Queen of Pentacles.In matter of love and relationships, the High priestess helps you read behind people’s facades and understand true intentions.Your intuition plays a major role in helping you navigate through the relationships rollercoaster.In matter of health, the 4 of Pentacles asks you to open up to new possibilities of gaining holistic fitness at a mind body and soul level too.Trust your spirit or soul to show you how to heal and align your body. Wealth wise, the 9 of pentacles shows rewards of your labor this year.All your past efforts come to fruition.Professionally, the 3 of Swords asks you to overcome the painful surprises you have received in the past.It is time to move on to harmonious work spaces now.Your Spirit Guides ask you to let go of the past if you want your future to be joyful and your present to be pleasant.


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Dear One, 2018 has been more like a rollercoaster with its crests and troughs.The lessons of 2018 have been family centric and about togetherness.The year 2019 asks you to connect with your authenticity and integrity.You may have to choose your battles carefully this year.It is advisable not to let petty matters take a dominance over serious issues.In matter of love and relationships, you rise above judgments and the need for approval from others.It is important to believe in yourself and trust yourself.In matters of health, the 7 of wands asks you to prioritize your health and plan stress management by lessening your load and delegating. Wealth wise, the 5 of Pentacles asks you to shift your thoughts towards a positive mindset which enables you to find sounder systems to generate abundance.Professionally, the 5 of Cups asks you to walk away from difficult relationships at work.Leaving the past behind is critical now.Your Spirit Guides ask you to take brave and bold decisions this 2019.


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Dear One, 2018 had been a year of many many new initiatives being launched or perhaps the beginning of new partnerships or business ventures.The primary lessons for most of you has been to reconnect with the voice inside and really follow what it says.If you have followed your gut you are not going to be led astray be assured.2019 asks you to focus on the higher design behind the scenes. It is time you share your burdens with the higher creative force that runs through you.In matters of love, you are asked to be spontaneous and playful in spirit once again.A light hearted approach is more helpful in strengthening your bonds or finding new friends.In matter of health, a hundred percent approach is needed to gain health improvement.2019 asks you to honour your commitment to yourself. Wealth wise, 2019 is a year for growth and prosperity.Your adept skillset allows to see many projects reach their zenith.It is a year for completion and success.Professionally, you sit at the top of your game says the King of Pentacles. Expect an Earth sign element – a virgo, taurus or Capricorn to play a major role in catapulting your career forward.Your Spiritual Guides ask you to allow higher intervention to unfold the road that follows.Prayer is your dialogue between you and that which created you.Your higher Self guides you if you allow it.


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Dear One, the year 2018 had a slow and steady pace which has allowed sound foundation to develop for you.2018 has primarily been about awakening passion and connecting with love in a deeper spiritual sort of way.2019 brings an opportunity to demonstrate the inherent Mastery you hold inside.It is time for leadership and greater responsibilities.In matter of love and relationships, an emotional upheaval will open the door to authentic relationships.You discover new means towards self empowerment and healing old wounds now.In matter of health, it will be wise to work and rest with the rhythm of the Sun for your body to align with natural cycles. Wealth wise, the 8 of wands reminds you it will a year for you to put it hard work before you can relax.Your efforts will be rewarded well when it is time.Professionally, rise above petty politics and rise above smaller issues to pursue higher goals.Your Spirit Guides ask you to be really focused on your goals.


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Dear One, 2018 has brought many blessings to you last year.The course of your life has changed significantly in 2018 with some of the decisions you made.Everything is ordained by the Higher will so you may extend your gratitude to the Higher will for the gifts you have received in 2018.The lessons of 2018 are largely about maintaining a positive mindset and maintaining boundaries.The year 2019 brings the opportunity to create balance and harmony in your life.The theme of choosing peace above all still sustains through the new year.In matter of love and relationships, it is time to go beyond judgment of self and your significant other.Some of you may take a tough stand to resolve a personal matter.In matter of health, the 6 of Pentacles asks you to make a commitment to your wellbeing. Wealth wise, the Fool card announces the beginning of new wealth creation processes or creation of an asset like you may start building or owning a home.However, caution is needed before you leap into things.Professionally, the 3 of Pentacles salutes your hard work and asks you to complete your professional projects.This is a year for growth and achievements.Your Spirit Guides ask you to focus on creating a sound foundation for inner peace.


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Dear One, the year 2018 propelled you to return to simplicity and innocence. 2018 has made you treasure what truly matters in life.It has been a year for healing and celebration for some of you for sure.The lessons of 2018 have been to keep your inner child alive and stop being super serious about the highs and lows of life.If you haven’t discovered your sense of humour perhaps it is a good time now.2019 asks you to be wiser, maturer and definitely more patient.In matter of love, a major change is imminent for your growth.You reinvent yourself and your life to fit in your new realizations. These developments help you create authentic and true relationships which are empowering for you.In matter of health, your intuition is helping you design your perfect health if you are willing to follow it. Wealth wise, you are sowing the seeds towards a much bigger vision.2019 asks you to bring forth your inherent endurance to build a new future.Professionally, the Moon asks you to investigate the reasons behind your past choices.2019 will facilitate introspection and decisions.Your Spirit Guides ask you to dive deep inside and operate from your Soul’s wisdom to navigate your life.


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Dear One, the year 2018 brought things together in a divine right order.Chaos is sometimes what nature has ordered to eventually heal things. The theme for the year 2018 were primarily listening to your intuitive wisdom. 2019 is bringing you the message to keep your burdens lighter. It will be imperative to leave yesterday behind and to move on. In matter of love and relationships, the 3 of cups focuses on celebrations in relationships. Some of you may be hearing the wedding bells toll for you. In matter of health, the Ace of Swords asks you to work on installing new habits which are health oriented.It is time to definitely delete habits that do not serve you well. Wealth wise, the 3 of Wands reveals a steady growth in terms of prosperity. However, a consistent effort needs to be made for the same. Professionally, the King of Wands encourages you to expand your responsibilities and allow your capable leadership to get the job done. Your Spirit Guides ask you to heal your past patterns and create a major breakthrough in 2019.


tarot reading for 2019

Dear One, 2018 facilitated opportunities for mastery of the self for many of you. You overcome the challenges of life with endurance and grace.Inner integration facilitates mastery over wounds and fears from yesterday. Your key learnings for 2018 revolve around pursuit of knowledge and self discipline. 2018 was mostly about family and tradition. 2019 brings new adventures and new pursuits. New chapters are about to be written in your life. In matters of love and relationships, the 3 of Cups brings love and joy. New love stories or rekindling love to be added to the book of your life in 2018. This year is marked with occasions worth celebrating and an active social life. You value relationships and deepen the bonds that matter. It will be wise to endure the storms with a light hearted approach. In matter of health, time management and stress management allow you to achieve your health goals. Over stressing yourself is going to be dysfunctional. It is wise to stay consistent yet realistic. Wealth wise, as you finish an important project the bigger picture begins to form says the World card. Everything is aligning for you in divine time in the divine right order so stay consistent. Professionally, the Ace of Wands starts you onto a new career opportunity. You are at the beginning of a whole new journey in 2019.

Your Spirit Guides ask you to focus on your soul’s true mission at all times.

Much Love and Light


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