Fashion Police: Formal Wear for Women

One of my male friend was wondering what really goes on in a woman’s mind from the time she gets up till the end of the day. To help him out, I gave him a sneak peak in our daily routine. To say he was mortified would be an understatement. From the moment we wake up, we worry about the clothes we would wear, the shoes that will go with them, what are friends would be wearing, what are foes would be adorning for the day and so on. And of course! Scrutinising stranger women for their ‘inferior’ dressing 😉

formal wear for women

Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I insinuating that women are some empty headed human beings who only think about clothes and fashion. I am a woman too, I know the weight we carry on our shoulders. But, there is no denying that fashion and more specifically style play an important role in our lives. And it sure does in a working lady’s life.

While I personally believe style is more personal, I have seen my girlfriends make horrendous choices when it comes to dressing up for a nice formal meeting or even for a nice formal dinner with the colleagues. Gurgaon has caught up with the western ways of working and living but we still lack when it comes to dressing up appropriately for your workplace.

formal wear for women

And that’s where your WhatsUp Guide takes her position. I took up this project to make my town ladies dressed to take over the world.

Step 1: Before you revamp your entire wardrobe, make sure you decide on your style. Like I said, style is personal.

Step 2: Make sure whatever you buy; you must be comfortable in it. One must personalize their looks and their style else they will never be comfortable in what they are wearing.

Step 3: Know your body type. Skinny/Normal/Chubby or healthy, whatever it is identify and love (very important!) your body.

Now that we have established the basic requirements, we must get down to business.

Must haves in EVERY wardrobe 

A well-fitted, well-pleated pair of black trouser – You can get it tailor made or buy a ready-made pair of trousers. Personally, I am a fan of Marks and Spencer when it comes to buying formal pants. You can explore Promod, Zara, Westside if you are looking for something more tailor made.  A good decent pair would cost you around 1500 -2000 bucks but I can assure you, it will be worth every penny. After all, who wants the second best?


One dark blue/black jeggings (WITHOUT THE ELABORATED GOLD ZIPS!) – While I believe in the superior power of the brand, jeggings are an essential which better be bought from a cheaper alternative as they don’t have durability. Explore these places like Sector 14, Arjun Marg, and Galleria market…. These places are very affordable and you get a variety of jeggings which suits your style. For our potential Shopaholics, I suggest Zara or M&S or even Vero Moda for a well fitted pair of Deepika like jeggings.

Gurgaon Fashion Police: Formal Wear for Women

A crisp well fitted white formal (full-sleeved) shirt.

Gurgaon Fashion Police: Formal Wear for Women

A pair of jeans– for skinny-fit women, light would do just fine. For women on the healthier side, try experimenting with darker shades of jeans. But, there is no reason to restrict you to only one color or shade. I suggest Levis as they last long and they really fit your body type.

Gurgaon Fashion Police: Formal Wear for Women

A nude pair of your choice of footwear – Heels, bellies, wedges or even stilettos, whatever floats your boat!

Gurgaon Fashion Police: Formal Wear for Women

Last but not the least, pencil slim skirt should be part of your wardrobe. The length and style of the skirt may vary as per your personal style. It can be further personalized by pairing it up with different types of tops, jackets, scarves etc.

Gurgaon Fashion Police: Formal Wear for Women

Always be chic and classy with these imperative 7  which fits pretty much in any scene – office, a casual movie date or a nice shopping trip with your girlfriends….


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