Snapchat Diaries: Top 20 Indian Influencers You Should Follow Right Away

The users who are on Snapchat will believe that it is by far the most innovative and fun loving social media tool of the 21st century. Not only is Snapchat whacky, downright entertaining and out of the box with its filters, but the ethos of the platform wherein no update remains in its history make it the perfect social media platform, keeping in mind the mood swings of the youth.

In this exclusive feature at What’s Up Life we list down for you 20 Indian influencers on the platform that you should follow right away.

1-Biswa Kalyan Rath @biswamastaadmi

The funny Biswa who made his debut in the world of social media with the hilarious Pretentious Movie Reviews is active on Snapchat and shares the most uniquely funny and engaging content. His jokes on his love/hate relationship with travelling in India are the most popular ones on the platform.


2-Rahul Khanna @MrKhannaSnaps

The ultimate gentleman of the Indian film industry, Rahul Khanna is on Snapchat too where he warms his followers with slapstick comedy and humor mixed with class and style. Follow him to know why he is every women’s first love.


3-Sumukhi Suresh @sumukhisuresh

A lot of people say that Indian comedy scene lacks the presence of female comedians. Well for all those people we will like to make a declaration- Follow Sukukhi Suresh. One of the leading female comedians and one of the finest ones, Sumukhi Suresh knows comedy way too well and her Snap videos where she often plays her alter ego- Anu Aunty are a proof of it.

4-Kenneth Sebastian @knowkenny

One of the most gifted standup comedians of our times, Kenneth Sebastian often snaps about nostalgia, fear, humor and Indian politics and we must say all of them are a laughing riot.


5-José Covaco @hoezaayc

The former MTV VJ just got funnier on Snapchat with his newly born. From making word play of Bollywood song lyrics to using the face swapping filter to its best, Jose knows it all and his insanely funny snaps will make your day.

6-Tanmay Bhat @thetanmay

One of the founders of the comedy group All India Backchod, Tanmay Bhat is without a doubt the most followed celebrity on Snapchat. Remember the Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar snapchat fiasco? Well, we follow him and agree that he is no holds barred funny.


7-Milind Soman @MilindRunning

Yes, the Indian Iron Man is on Snapchat and is a must follow solely based on the content he posts. From his running schedule to lifestyle tips to grooming sessions, everything is a must catch here.


8-Sonam Kapoor @Sonamakapoor

Thanks to Snapchat now one can sneak-a-peak into the lives of their favorite Bollywood celebs too and on the top of our follow list there is the fashionista Sonam Kapoor who is known for her unapologetic statements and her bold style. Follow her for her goofy snaps that will make you fall more in love with the diva.

9-Anuya Jakatdar @anuyeahgrid-cell-13113-1462749926-16

Love Bollywood and Bollywood song puns? Well, then you are bound to love Anuya who is a rising snapchat star and does snaps on song puns, visual puns, and just ironically bad puns in general.



10- Bani J @ladyJ

She might be in the Big Boss house right now but you have to give it to Bani Judge for being the fitness inspiration for millions in the country. Follow her and get some serious fitness goals.






11- Ssumier Pasrich @ssumierspasrich

Beware- Pummy Aunty is watching and making Snapchat videos about you. Don’t believe us follow Ssumier to know what we are talking about and you’ll be laughing your heart out by the end.


12- Kritika Khurana @that_bohogirl

A very popular Indian fashion blogger, Kritika is one account on snapchat you must follow for her fashion tips, eye catching accessories, and everything related to the hottest trends of the season.


13-Gursimran Khamba @gkhamba

10-people-you-must-follow-on-snapchat-7Co-Founder of All India Backchods- a comedy group, Gursimran Khamba is as his name represents a strong pillar of Comedy in India. His snaps are a perfect take of everything’s that witty in the world.




14-Gaurav Gera @Hanji

We cannot make a list of top Snapchat accounts and omit Gaurav Gera from it. His Shopkeeper videos are a treat and have featured the top Bollywood celebs too.

15-Nargis Fakhri @nargilove

She is sexy and she is insanely funny too. Don’t believe us? Follow her on Snapchat to see what we are talking about?


16-Kanan Gill @Kanangill

Another true blue standup comedian-Kanan Gill stands out on Snapchats for random content that one ordinarily wouldn’t see but once he adds his witty touch to them, they become our laughing stock for days.


17-Miss Malini (@missmalinisnaps)

The name Miss Malini does not need any introduction today. Follow her on Snapchat to get an inside dose in the world of movies as she chats and engages celebrities like never seen before.


18-Abish Mathew (@abishmathew)

A popular artist and standup comedian- Abish Mathew is one of the most followed celebs on Snapchat owing to his funny nature. Follow him for instant puns and crazy snaps on random subjects. A good laugh is guaranteed.


19-Varun Thakur @varoonthakoor

Co-founder at SnG Comedy, Varun Thakur is best known for his famous snapchat stories about hisalter-ego, Vicky Malhotra, who is a struggling Dilli actor.


20-Mallika Dua @mallikadua

Another popular name on social media platforms, Mallika Dua is one hilarious woman who has tons of followers. However, she is most funny on Snapchat, where she routinely makes snaps about Bollywood songs, personalities and current affairs that are an absolute delight to catch.



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