Vishal Pandey

Are You Ready For FitCreed- 2nd Edition? Bigger, Better, Brisker!

August 13, 2019

If fitness is your religion, and enthusiasm your middle name, get enrolled for FitCreed... and be a winner! All you fitness freaks out there who love sweating out in the gym, making sure that you do not miss out on YOUR "routine", here is some news for you and we are sure you are going to love it. What's Up Life welcomes you to FitCreed- a platform for all the fitness freaks (professionals and amateurs) to showcase their fitness skills by competing against each other. The sole motive of this initiative is not only to take the fitness regime to the next level but to also create an awareness on health and wellness.

A perfect amalgamation of fun and fitness, FitCreed is more than 'just' a competition... Here is where you get a chance to showcase your skills and inspire many others.... and who knows, maybe have your own set of fans and followers! fitcreed If  The first edition of FitCreed was a super success witnessing zealous enthusiasm from all competitors, The 2nd Edition is going to be bigger... and better, we promise! Greater vigour, faster Adrenaline rush, more participants, exciting competitions.... and lots more noise! The initial stages will see more than 30 venues including gyms, corporate and co-working spaces across Gurgaon and then covering more than 100 gyms, clubs and fitness centres, hence including more categories for beginners, mid-level and professionals. The first round is an intra-gym competition where we reach out to more than 30 gyms and hold competitions for their trainers and members. After four finalists are selected from each gym, you will gear up for the THE FIT CREED GRAND FINALE  where the top 20-30 winners will compete against each other in the professional and amateur category. And hey! We are not done yet, the top four winners get a chance to win some amazing prizes including INR 10000 Cash each!  Guess who we have with us on the D-DAY...  Rannvijay Singh Singha!! Sounds Interesting? Why don't you join us for the finale at DLF Cyber Hub?

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