Why Can’t They Have All The Fun? The First disabled Friendly Beach In Goa!

This is one of the best pieces of news in recent times!……Candolim beach in Goa, has set a new benchmark by becoming the first beach in Goa to be accessible to people with disabilities, becoming the first disabled friendly beach in the city. UMOJA, ADAPT and Drishti have all partnered up in bringing this initiative to life, each playing a very important part in this ground breaking initiative.

disabled friendly beach

UMOJA is the first website in India that helps plan and execute travel plans for the disabled in India. Drishti is a part of the Tourism department of Goa; that is making sure that people with all needs are able to access the beaches in Goa. UMOJA has led the charge by partnering up with disabled person organizations, local shacks, water sports operators and hotels to help transform Candolim into India’s first disability friendly beach.

disabled friendly beach
The organisations have partnered up to such a high extent that they have installed a boardwalk that starts from the beginning of the beach all the way up to the water; so that wheelchairs don’t get impaired by the sand. Exclusive wheelchairs have also been arranged that can float in the water and have specially designed wheels that do not get stuck in the sand. The best part is that the wheelchairs look like lounge chairs and are specially designed to feel almost weightless in the water when people go into the sea.

disabled friendly beach

The organisers expect that with amenities such as this on offer, more and more people will flock to the beaches as they will become inclusive to all people no matter what their disability may be. This should hopefully, lead the state governments to understand that there is a surplus of demand in the market for this kind of tourism.

A guide book has also been set up to cover the destinations to visit, the places to eat and over 30 hotels which are user friendly.

So, are you excited for your next to visit Goa now?



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