Things to keep in mind before Exams

At this time of the year there isn’t anything much colder than the chill running up and down your spine – whether you are a parent or student, the tension for the impending exams is felt through & through.

When it comes to February- March, nutrition rules are thrown out the window; comfort food is replaced by regular meals and overindulgence replaces common sense. The “stress eating’ factor is always persistent though, but that is something which should perhaps be wiped off the students lifestyle for a better and also healthier outcome – (re:better exam scores)

Remember, exam nutrition is not about counting calories. Poor nutrition is detrimental to one’s ability to concentrate, retain and perform well under pressure. So, hence exam nutrition is mostly about harnessing the best of what food can offer such that the body functions at an optimum level.

Hit breaks on the junk

No Junk Food

Avoid giving your child too much comfort food, try to ration it out. Rich, heavy and preferably home-cooked food is harder to digests and divert blood from the brain, which is needed most at this certain point of time.

Junk food also has that slight chance of making your kid fall sick, so be very…very careful with what you choose to let your child eat. Plus, this pre-exam phase is all about time, and it would do a world of good to both you and your child if some time is saved by not waiting for or going out to eat.

Push for protein

Protein plays a beautiful part in helping the brain to both – retain and recall information.

Lean protein like daal, eggs, fish and meat will suffice in bringing out the best from your child. The saying that “the mind is a temple” is very common around here, so the more initiative we take in making it a better place, the better the outcome.


This is something which is applicable throughout one’s entire life; adequate hydration is an absolute necessity when it comes to proper and efficient functioning of the body – which also includes the brain. Duh.

Less consumption of water has consequences like sever headaches and tiredness, something that is almost like a death sentence during this exam period. To avoid this and more, a minimum 8-10 glasses of water is recommended every day.


Things to keep in mind before Exams
Although what could be considered as a lifeline or a knight in shining armour when y’all have to struggle through heaps of books late into the night, the fact remains that too much caffeine is highly dangerous for your body’s metabolism and functioning in general.

There aren’t many who can decipher the right amount of caffeine intake, more so when it’s dependency varies from person to person; An overdose of the same can have hazardous consequences. During exams it’s suggested to go for light and more common caffeine sources like energy drinks, black tea or coffee.


illustration of music background in doodle style
This is probably the only or one of the very few places that will suggest this, but nevertheless.
Music does play a huge role in setting up our mood and to channel our emotions. This is something which is an absolute necessity during exams. ‘Cause lets face it, studying in a bad mood won’t do anything other than screwing up your preparation. So put on some soothing music and study or revise. Anything.


Like music, this has nothing to do with nutrition too but to put it in simple terms – if you don’t sleep, your brain doesn’t work well. The fewer hours you sleep, the lesser time it gets to organize it’s short term and long term memory.

Good luck people! Go ace your exams. 🙂


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