Fasting & its effects: How staying hungry is good for you

The effects of fasting on the human body have been in debate for a long time. Contrary to the popular opinion about the negative effects of  staying hungry,  Studies have shown that a little bit of starvation is actually good for your body.

benefits of fasting

According to modern science fasting has a lot of positive effects on the way The human body functions.

So what happens during fasting?

Digestions is an expensive process which takes up almost 10% of all the energy in the body. And while your intestines are busy digesting the heavy lunch you just had just a while ago, the body increases blood flow in your intestines increases drastically to help absorb nutrients inside your bloodstream. Thereby reducing blood-flow to the brain and making you feel tired and dizzy. (This is why people tend to fall asleep after eating too much)

On the other hand, when you fast; all of this energy can be redirected to other functions of the body. Blood circulation in various parts of the body is also increased.

And how is this good for me?

Increased blood circulation induces cell growth and repair processes throughout your body.

benefits of fasting

And because the body does not have enough food to burn while you fast, the metabolism rate increases and the excess fat stored in the body is used to provide energy. This is how you loose weight.


Studies also shown that the immune system works much more efficiently while fasting. In nature it is observed that animals stop eating food when they are sick; this is perhaps a natural response of their body to improve immune system functions.


Fasting can help prevent cancer too

Recent studies have suggested that due to the changes in metabolism The risk of cancer is reduced. Fasting in cancer patients also reduced various  is side-effects of chemotherapy

Fasting good for the brain?

Health benefits of fasting

Fasting is shown to have induced the growth of new neurons in the brain and increase levels of a brain hormone called brain derived neuro-trophic factor (bdnf) which helps fight depression and other brain-related problems.

Bottom line: Fasting has a lot of positive affects on the body and when practiced right (read about intermittent fast)can help you live a healthier lifestyle.


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