7 weird pets that people keep around the world

One of the most fascinating ways of doing an understudy of the human psyche is to see the kind of pets people in the world keep. Pets are lovely. They are cute, snuggly and harmless. It has been said in clinical psychology that keeping a pet and taking care of it is a genuine stress buster.

There are many kinds of pet animals that people prop up their homes with. The most adorable and commonly known pets from around the world are dogs and cats. Lovely, homely and friendly, dogs are said to be a man’s best friend. On the other hand, having felines means having an ever so quiet, sheepishly naughty character over at the home space.

But that is not all that there is to the whole pet story.

Unbeknownst to the commonsense of most, there are some individuals whose liking for pets can be a rather rattling one. From around the world, many different individuals are known to be in love with a slightly uncomfortable choice of pet animals when it comes to keep their homes lively and active. Howsoever cute these pets may seem to their owners, they can surely overwhelm a larger lot.

So what exactly are we talking about here, let’s take a look:


 weird pets

Often used in American slang as a cussword, you wouldn’t want to mess with “sonic the hedgehog”, best remembered from the popular 90s video game. Commonly mistaken for small porcupines, hedgehogs can vary from being .5 pounds to 1.5 pounds. And that’s not all. Their spines often grow to a good measure of .75 inches.

Oops! Did that hurt already?

In the USA, it is illegal to own hedgehogs in certain areas, such as New York City and Washington D.C., but most keep it tugged in a nice, expansive country farm place.


 weird pets

A little bit of a mouse face, skunks have an uncanny resemblance to squirrels, only the size being a bit of a concern, they are slightly bigger. Often noted for a peculiar odor that they can sometimes give off, most people across the world who wouldn’t keep a dog or cat pet a skunk.

You would be amazed to know that most skunk parents in the world who adore their lovely pets hail either from the United States or Canada. That’s not all. In order to keep skunks at home and the home happier and tidier, they get their sweat-glands removed.

Skunks are usually known to be intelligent, curious and well house-trained pets so there isn’t much of a problem with them.

Fennec Fox

 unusual pets

Foxes are usually considered to be an alarming kind of a creep. Cunning, clever and notorious, many have gotten used to being out-‘foxed’ by them in the trail to the wild. But not this one. The Fennec fox, is a different creature altogether.

The fennec fox is a cute desert animal. And, they prove to be excellent pets generally unless otherwise. Intelligent beings, the fennec fox as pets can actually be tutored or trained to use a litter box and they are known to be usually clean and hygienic as pets.

A fully grown fennec fox, even as it looks slightly weird to be roaming around with one, grows at the most to the size of a Chihuahua.


 unusual pets

Pink Floyd used them as frequent art posters and an odd album cover but surely didn’t prescribe one as a pet. What were you puffing away when you decided to get a pig as your pet? Lol. It has to be asked that how people usually away from the arid and dusty climates, close to swampy and marshy countryside prefer to keep pigs at pet animals!

The potbellied pig is a common pet animal that you’d find in a farm. Many a celebrity, most noticeably, George Clooney has cared for a pig, named Max for a good 18 years.

Easy to train and odor-free, pigs possess an amazing sense of smell. Police departments in the West are known to have kept sniffer-pigs for their amazing sense of smell. Interestingly, easy to care, pigs can be taken for strolls the same way one would take a dog. Not much difference there

  1. Capybara

 unusual pets

This one is from the rodent family but doesn’t quite look that way. Even where size is concerned, a capybara makes rodents look like ants, truth be told.

Nothing quite like a guinea pig or hamster, capybara can grow up to 4 feet long and weighs an astonishing, over hundred pounds.

Commonly seen in large sized houses with sprawling green open spaces, this rather aloof pet that loves a pool for a quick dip can actually prove to be a high maintenance pet. So are you ready to pet one?


 unusual pets

Yeah, you read that right. We weren’t asking you to grow a goatie when you came across this. No dog or cat friend this, goats can actually be quite fruitful to keep. Milk anyone?

While owning a goat and taking care can be expensive and wallet-lightening, people generally consider whether they got the energy, resource and time to pet a goat.

Uncastrated male goats have a very strong odour. Funny and domesticated by some effort, many around the world ‘goat’ for it!

Miniature Donkey


unusual pets

Cute and fuzzy. That’s the buzzword for friendly miniature donkeys. Adorable and simple, docile and yet active, miniature donkeys, although a tad bit expensive to be kept as pets score a hundred percent when it comes to being friendly.

Although small, miniature donkeys need plenty of room. Usually, they are about a 3 feet tall and around 300 lbs. The best thing being, they pose no threat to your children. So which one are you feeding first today?


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