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What is a meme? Well technically speaking, the dictionary meaning says “an element of a culture or system of behavior passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.”  but generally talking I think we all know what memes are. Memes are basically an Image with some funny text on it.  But the real question is When did the first meme surface & what was the first meme?

“meme” was first used in biology. It was coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his famous book, The Selfish Gene. The basic idea is: the same way genes replicate and transmit from one being to the next, so to do cultural ideas. Therefore, a meme is largely imitation.

But that’s not how we know memes. They are basically pictures with a funny caption scrawled across the top, but they can be much more. On the Internet, a meme is any concept that quickly spreads from person to person, usually taking the form of an image, a video or video clip such as a GIF. Memes are no more just a joke, they are a part of the pop culture now. People tag their friends, send each other memes as a form of communication because they are something almost everyone can relate to. Memes have literally made people famous and earned them a really good fortune!

Memes have become a part of our everyday life now, whenever we see a funny meme we tend to tag our friends and in response, they tag us in one and the circle keeps on going. There are memes that talk about the simplest things like High School, College/ University Life, about waiting in lines at Mc Donalds and that is why they are so relatable! They have become so popular that many famous brands have even used them as a marketing tool & that is because it’s very easy to spread a message in the form of a meme.

How do memes evolve? Well, every season or month you will have a new meme. Don’t worry let me explain, See this meme chart for 2017

See, they depend a lot on what’s going around in the pop culture. When the picture of Nusret Gökçe or as we like to call him Salt Bae got viral, it became a really famous meme and till date, people refer to him as Salt Bae. Similarly, there are many others.  Sooooo, class, what did you learn today?

Oh by the way here are our favorite memes, tell us which ones are yours?





Contributed by Himani Yadav


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