Did You Know? You Can Rent These European Castles On Airbnb

Are you that crazy bunch of family members planning an European Tour or are you that squad which travels alot? No matter which category you fall under, you surely need to check out these castles on Airbnb before you book any other homestay or hotel. These European Castles are straight out of a fairytale, definitely not the ones you build in the air and moreover don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Brodie Castle, Scotland

brodie castle

Brodie Castle is a popular tourist attraction which possess a private three floor apartment, massive seven bedroom suites, a grand dining room, a cocktail kitchen and more. What makes this castle even beautiful are Scottish artwork all over and 400 varieties of daffodils that bloom during the spring season. The prodigious library in Brodie castle has more than 6000 books which would surely impress any bibliophile.

Torre Trasita, Italy

torre trasita

Located near the picturesque Italian town of Postiano, this seaside castle provides you with different apartment suites to choose from. The local restaurant located on the blue tilted terrace provides you with panoramic views of the town and is an ideal location for sundowners.

Castrum di Serravalle, Italy

castrum di serravalle

Experience the best of Venetian hospitality when you check into Castrum di Serravalle. Set in an old medieval village, this castle has it’s rooms which are decked with golden chandeliers. As romantic as it gets, the apartments also has private terraces which offer breathtaking views of the Dolomites.

Thronton Castle, Scotland

airbnb castle

The 13th century castle is spread over a total area of 1700 acres and has been extremely modernized to provide it’s guests with ultimate luxury. There is a private tower wing that offers two bed rooms with a large bathroom and a cozy sitting room.

Fanningstown Castle, Ireland

Fanningstown Castle

Fanningstown Castle is a Gothic style castle which dates back to 12th century and has been restored recently. This Irish castle has five bed rooms and plenty of communal rooms to choose from. Horse-riding, fishing,tour to other nearby castles are a few fun activities which you can partake in during your course of stay in this castle.

Schloss Lanke Castle, Germany

shcloss castle

This picturesque castle is located north of Berlin and is easily accessible by car or train. The lush green castle gardens attract every visitor. You can also explore the nearby lakes and dine at the nearby restaurants.

Upton Castle

upton castle

Upton Castle is a 13th century castle which has a number of historic gardens and woodlands where you can spot the castle’s peacocks and horses. Being just seven miles away from the beaches, you can easily drive down to the beautiful beaches and enter a variety of restaurants and pubs.

Which Airbnb castle would you want to visit?


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