Emojis turn 20; what’s your favourite one!

Angry, happy, sad, anxious, sarcastic, shocked, or name any expression that your mood fits in at the moments. Emojis are there to help you express in the virtual world of texting. Did you know Emojis turn 20 this year and it’s precursor, Emoticons, are 35? That’s translated into an age which is greater than most of the millennials. And guess what, Facebook says the most used expression is “heart” emoji.

Emojis Turn 20

On the same note of Facebook, it read every nine out of ten individuals on social media rely on Emojis. You are also there, right?

The Facebook note also said that more there are more than 2,800 emojis and almost all 2,300 of them are used every day. Avert your boss’s order, to woo your girlfriend (or the other way around), ask your dad for a new smartphone or tell friends for an outing, and a plenty more: The Emojis are always there to make your life simple.

And why wouldn’t they be! Emojis have travelled quite a way and witnessed a sea of changes. One of the most notable changes to their ecosystem was marked in 2015 when you were given the choice to pick between the skin shades for various hand, face and other symbols.

Emojis Turn 20

In this year list of emojis, the new entrants were a mango, Diya, peacock, teddy bear. tuk-tuk and a few more. Have you noticed them yet? If not, you know what to do.

Reportedly, the emoji began its journey from Japan. It is now administered by the Unicode Consortium (UC), a California-based not-for-profit network started by software engineers Joe Becker, Mark Davis, and Lee Collins.

Well, that piece of history serves none of the purposes for millions in the world. So, enjoy the wonderful means of communication and early wait for the upgrades that surely surrounds you a lot.


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