The Education System in India, Unfulfilled Aspirations.

Rakesh was sitting in his bed, staring blankly at the empty uninteresting walls which made him feel ever so drowsy. So he switches his attention to look outside his window, the thunder lighting up the sky, wishing for a flash of inspiration which would wake him up from his slumber literally and figuratively. Rakesh is only 21 , at the prime of his youth, an age at which youngsters are filled with enthusiasm and motivation to do something productive in their life and with their careers. Yet one look at him and one would feel as if he is past his prime and that his prowess is on the wane. Rakesh’s example is reminiscent of so many youths at this age who are burdened with the education system of our country. I call it a burden because what it actually does is curb the natural ability of an individual. It promotes herd mentality not letting individual ability to shine through , not letting a student be bold in their choices else they are castigated by their own family and by the society.

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Rakesh faced the dilemma so many of us face as soon as we get our 10th standard result , and he made the choice so many of us are forced to make. It is either the Science stream, where one can be the esteemed doctor or engineer in the house, or the commerce stream, where one would be a CA or a Bank Manager. He chose Science, although he wanted to be a travel journalist, write travelogues, witness the world and different cultures. Instead he bowed down to the pressure of his family and chose to pursue Engineering.

All these thoughts come rushing back to his mind as he decides to finally move away from the window and try and concentrate on his textbooks. He has no interest in being an Engineer yet he could not go against his parents, who have provided for him all his life. He just wishes that they would understand. Understand that his dreams and aspirations lie elsewhere , that he may never be a competent engineer which would lead him to being pushed around in the corporate world. The thought of hurting his parents had made him choose what they wanted to and he couldn’t be unhappier. His life has become monotonous whereby he is just going through the motions. That youthfulness , that motivation and that vigour, it seems has long been left behind somewhere in a foreign land whereby he saw himself with a camera in hand, looking at the world and trying to find words to describe its majestic beauty.

He is looking for a spark, a thunder, to stop his life running away from him. Engineering couldn’t end soon enough for him


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