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Ganpati Says “Go Green”! Adopt These Eco Friendly Visarjan Ideas!

August 18, 2020

Ganesh Chaturthi is easily one of the most popular festivals that celebrates the coming of Lord Ganesha. It is a beautiful and symbolic journey of a young Ganesha who comes down from his home in The Himalayas to visit his family for 10 days before returning to Mount Kailasa.

Unfortunately, while the rituals associated with this festival are pious and glorious, they may not necessarily be ideal for the environment. However, there are ways to celebrate this festival while reducing the impact on nature.

Here are several ways to enjoy an environmentally conscious celebration.

Artificial Immersion Tanks

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If you know a lot of homes around you welcome the Lord in your society, why don’t you take an initiative to create an artificial immersion tank for everyone to use? All the society members can come together and make use of this immersion tank. It is not only convenient but also helps the roads remain traffic free.  Do make sure to pray for peace and prosperity for all! 

Chocolate Ganesha

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You can take your chocolate Ganesha for a dip in milk. Counted as a symbol of purity, visarjan in milk is pious too. Pour milk in a large pot and immerse the idol into it. Wait until the chocolate dissolves completely and then you can distribute the chocolate milkshake as prasad. You can also distribute the prasad to underprivileged kids or poor people. After all, it is about spreading happiness.

Fruit Ganesha

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This is the most convenient way of spreading Ganpati ashirwad this season. After performing the puja, you can distribute the fruits as prasad.

Tree Ganesha

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It has been one of the most sought-after eco-friendly Ganesha. You need to immerse this idol into a planter so that when the clay dissolves, embedded seeds automatically get planted in the planter.

Alum Ganesha

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Alum or fitkari Ganesha idol is one of the best and innovative ways for an eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi celebration, since fitkari or aluminium sulphate is soluble in water and also acts as a water purifier. Sounds like a good idea to immerse this one in the larger water body!

Gobar Ganesha

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Several Ganpati makers  have taken to substituting cow dung for clay in the interest of preserving the environment. This greener method of producing Ganesha idols,  that quotes one of the many manufacturers who have taken up this green initiative, "can be immersed easily in lakes, and can also act as manure for plants."

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