The search about the right way to eat !!

The nutrition scenario nowadays is interesting. People try to follow for years different diets, they try every new thing which could lead into positive success. It´s 97% because of loosing extra weight – means to look better. So they try to follow specific diets.

But this doesn´t stop at this point. Some diets also say at what time somebody has to eat. Since people don´t want to take their responsibilities towards themselves they look -sometimes desperately – for others to get told and dictated the timing of intakes.

Magazines are full of the same stuff. Since years most of them tell the same, again and again, how to lose weight, how to maintain it and furthermore without starving. One magazine copy from the other. All infos old, sometimes obsolete. Also some authors don´t be up to date anymore (if they ever were).

Anyhow, most of the followers quite since they can´t do it anyway and any longer.

eat right

“Too many meetings at night”, so it´s not possible to stop eating in the evening and over night.

Also many businessmen say that they make the big businesses always at nights, on the bar. They sit together and one “has to drink”, otherwise the business will be not happen. Maybe right, maybe not. Office workers, housewives, … all have their own stories and explanations why they just can Not follow the most common things:

  • No or less alcohol
  • no carbs at night
  • No food at night
  • no gravy in general
  • less carbs in total
  • have plenty of water during the whole day.

So then they talk to each other and says one can´t be so strict in the today’s world. One has to be flexible, has to react fast in business and does not need even more stress with all the food and eating rules. So they go back to square one, often with an jo-jo effect and that means 3-5 kilos more on their ribs as before.

They take it until they read after a while again some magazines or talk to some person who “made it”. Or the own look in the mirror is the crucial part to re-try. So restart button and start again the same old story. The demand for specialists grow more and more. Dieticians have high season.

Medical doctors (no idea how they should know the “right nutrition” since they studied physical diseases and how to fix them, they did not study food and eating behavior). Even the fitness trainers in the home gym get asked. Now let us consider what fitness trainers learn. In terms of nutrition the very, very basics and also in combination with a proper workout regime. And this is true for professional trainings in western countries. In India we have most often certificates from a distance learning or just a learning from a gym chain.

eat right

Coming back to the people who try to find The solution for themselves, after trying a lot… Somehow still no success. Still a big question mark, or even bigger than before the journey. A lot of those people wonder and they get hopeless. But nobody can blame others, they should blame themselves first. The mentality “I want to eat everything since I am a foodie”, “I don´t want to exercise and I want to get rid of my extra kilos…” people will receive only negative success.

Friends, it´s obvious that if you want to have something different you have to do something differently! Only by wishing is just not possible. Even Santa clause asks kids if they behaved well during the year so that they deserve some gifts. When people at this stage come then to see me (“you are my last hope!”) they are still on the same track. “Make me successful Jasmin!” I can not count how many people sat in front of me, telling me that they failed before they finally came to me and looking for some support now.

That’s why they sit in front of me. But far away that they want to know how they could eat under their own responsibility, understanding the personal needs. At first they ask for directions to follow.

So then I make them understand. Step by step. What is this all about?

After an odyssey of all this tries and failures people realize it´s worth it to set own limits and plan something different.

It is very important that I make people realize that some things are important to them. Like their food intakes (you be what you eat), like the time of eating (you have a human body, not a machine you roam around with), set limits, discipline themselves and work out a plan to the complete positive success.

No more excuses. And if you ask me, … yes – sometimes it´s hard to say NO.

I know people need some extra energy, some capacity therefore. And they are already so occupied with other things, sometimes such a lot of unnecessary things, so they need time out to reflect and sort out. Then they can start. Then their own life actually really starts. Often they replace the time which they spend in 100 times email -, whatsapp-, facebook– check a day.

Orientating on themselves rather than on others and all given circumstances. Saying no to free and yummy food at times where you do not need to eat or you just didn´t plan that – is one of an example that things will happen and ask you if you are really sure about your track!

Embrace and welcome it then J

It’s worth it- from my perspective it is actually very much worth it. For your health, your figure, your boost of self-confidence and happiness in your life!

So the next time when somebody asks you why you not relax and eat whenever and whatever you “just feel like” you could say after some self-training, ‘because each thing on earth is limited. In that way people can enjoy the most.’

eat right

If you eat ten cakes in a row in which is the greatest taste …? Yes, always I the first bite.

What do I know is that each person needs something specific. And that differs from all others. To find out it takes some little efforts and to maintain it some more efforts. I say that everybody should take his or her own responsibility and

Live YOUR life individually, including in eating YOUR WAY!



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Jasmin Waldmann

Mental Coach & Personal Trainer, international fitness expert, Inventor of Pilardio®, fitness model and workes with TV channels.Also working with TV channels, producing & acting in DVD`s, taking education trainings,... all that keeps her very happy and alive.


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