7 Easy Treks all Beginners can Start off With

Trekking or Hiking as it is known in some cultures is associated with a lot of romance. It involves traversing high mountain passes, sleeping at inhospitable terrains, and finding solace on some of the remotest spots possible. Few countries in the world can match the sheer diversity and breath-taking sites on offer on Indian hills. This very danger and the high stakes however prevent many others from trying them as they do not have the confidence their bodies can handle all this. But fret not, there are also several easy treks that amateurs can undertake which are meant for the beginner level. Here, we chart some of the easier treks to break away from the hesitations:

Triund, Himachal PradeshTreks in India

The list had to be started by this one, as indeed it is a gentle slope up. The town of Dharmkot lies right in between the base camp and the summit. There are interesting waterfalls, small temples and cozy eateries dotted along the way. For those satisfied with their endurance levels, can move ahead towards the tougher Indrahar Pass trek.

Days needed: 1

Base: McLeodganj

Ananthagiri, Andhra Pradesh

Treks in India

Ananthagiri lies just outside the bustling city of Vishakhapatnam. But it is a world apart due to its serenity and natural verdant cover. In South India, the treks aren’t as natural tough as the Himalayan ones due to the obvious lower altitudes. As a result, the steep rises do not exist, nor do the extreme fall in temperatures one normally associates with the high Himalayas. Besides the joy of trekking itself, one must visit this place

Days needed: 1

Base: Vishakhapatnam

Beas Kund, Himachal Pradesh

Treks in India

The Beas river is considered one of India’s noisiest. This is possibly due to its steep gradient in the initial phase coupled with the rocky surfaces the river flows through. What better way to see the river than its actual source!

Days needed: 2

Base: Manali

Dayara Bugyal, Uttarakhand

Treks in India

Admittedly, this one is not so easy in terms of duration and height, but the steep gradients are not too many, thus making it to this list. Bugyals are meadows or grasslands used extensively by local residents as animal pasture lands. This one takes one through majestic oak forests, flowery pastures, and even views of formidable snow-clad peaks.

Days needed: 6-7

Base: Barsu (District: Uttarkashi)

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Treks in India

This trek on the Garhwal range is known more for its majestic views rather than any adventure during the trek itself. A riot of colours opens up when one undertakes this. The ascent is gradual, and there exist several small eateries on the way. For those seeking further adventure, can continue up to Hemkund Sahib, a Sikh pilgrimage site.

Days needed: 7

Base: Joshimath

Sham Valley, Jammu & Kashmir

Treks in India

Ladakh in the state of J&K teems with the image of being a dry, desolate area where any trek would involve serious shortage of oxygen due to the sheer height. Worry not here, as this one is far from that. It is popularly coined the “Baby Trek” for obvious reasons. Along the way, one encounters some of the finest towns in the region such as Hemis, Spituk, Alchi and Lamayaru. Sham is also known as “Apricot Valley”.

Days needed: 6

Base: Leh

Dzongri, SikkimTreks in India

Few treks do justice to the views of the Kanchenjunga as this one does. The Dzongri trek takes one up to more than four-thousand metres above sea level but with few sheer climbs. One can even sight Mount Padum. The trekker can catch full sight of rhododendron, birch, maple, oak and bamboo along the way.

Days needed: 8

Base: Yuksam

Once satiated with these, we will cover treks with medium difficulty and those toughest to conquer.


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