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It’s a dog’s life! How I love the saying, being an ardent and serious dog lover! Now, anything to do with these furry buddies? You’ll find me right there! So, after a spate of articles on pet care and boarding facilities, the most important part of  doggy life is to be unleashed! I could really go on about the best way to care for pets, but i’m gung-ho about these awesome parks dedicated to these adorable creatures, giving them the vent that is indispensable to their well being. After all the hype about India’s first dog park in Hyderabad, here is a list of a few more, that may have been missed out! If they’re in your city, head here for the most rejuvenating time….because, these kids are letting it all out, after all!


dog parks in india

Hyderabad is all set to inaugurate the first dog park in the country near Radisson Hotel in Gachibowli. Located at a prime hub in the city, the park is spread across a sprawling area of 1.3 acres. What was earlier a small dump yard was later converted into the park at a cost of Rs 1.1 crore. The pet park is supposedly the brainchild of IAS officer Harichandana, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Zonal Commissioner, who developed it on the lines of pet parks which are common abroad.

It boasts of an exclusive play area for dogs, training and play equipment, an amphitheatre, a separate enclosure for small and big dogs, and benches shaped like bones for the owners to relax. It is reportedly the first park in India to be developed to match international standards for pets, and to be certified by the Kennel Club of India.

“The park has a dog training centre where certified professionals would train the pets. It also has a dog splash pool and an exclusive dog play area. There is a para vet clinic where veterinary professionals would administer to the medical needs of the dogs. And for regular visitors, there is a separate walkway and benches to relax,” Rajendra Kumar, an official with the Urban Biodiversity Wing of the GHMC, told TNM.

Necklace Road, Hyderabad

dog parks in india

Situated on the banks of the Hussain Sagar lake, the park has pet lovers coming along with their little ones just as the sun rises. The dogs play, cuddle and socialise with each other. Most of them are let off their leash and allowed to run around the entire space while the owners watch on with a smile. Isn’t that every pet parent’s wish? Here you can unleash your dogs whilst they mingle with their buddies.  And it’s fun for the pet lovers too. It’s all run, jump and hop with happiness here!


Petboro Dog Park, Bengaluru

dog parks in India

Petboro Dog Park is exclusively designed for dogs to play, exercise, socialise, and have fun. The off-leash dog park has a large open space with agility equipment.  Situated in Madhura Nagar Stage 3, Varthur, the park is a doggy haven where your canine companions have their own space to freely run around, jump, crawl, relax, and exercise with their four-legged pals.

Here is where pets get to enjoy playing on dog walk ramp, doggie jump hoops, doggie crawl, dog jump bar, weave posts, doggie rest table, and doggie see-saw. The increased level of physical activities and socialisation help reduce health and behavioural issues in pets. You can also help your furry friend learn some new tricks. With a huge amount of space that is completely fenced-in, the park also boasts of excellent play equipment.


Elephant Pond, Bengaluru

dog parks in india

Dog Park at The Elephant Pond, was Bangalore’s First Private Off Leash Dog Park. Dog Park at The Elephant Pond, is located near Ragihalli, Banerghatta about an hour’s drive from Bangalore. It is a vast, open space amidst lush greenery offering complete silence and calm. Run by the people of the area, the beautiful, green property is perfect to offer undisturbed family and Doggie time.

Launched in November 2015, Dog Park in Bannerghatta Road at the Elephant Pond was the city’s first private dog park. The 10-acre area with walking trails and ponds also hosts events that ensures bonding time with your pet and family to unleash area for your dogs to run, play and socialise with other dogs. The park entails a natural pond for your dogs to swim, unlimited space in the form of walking trails in the 10 acre property for you to bond, re-discover and spend time with your dog. The park has separate, dedicated areas for Small and Large dogs to be Off Leash. Being as close to nature as possible, the doggy brigade can rough it up a little and go home happy.

If you fancy some alone time with your four-legged friend, they have some beautiful trails, outside of the one acre, that you could go on. Do keep your eyes peeled for what we think is the most brilliant event since Tommorowland – a camp out with your doggies.

Domlur Dog Park, Bengaluru

dog parks in india

What was once a garbage dump, has been transformed into a pooch friendly park, thanks to the efforts of the Ugly Indian and the pet lover community of Domlur and Indiranagar. The park has been named Domlur Dog Park and is located opposite to the CPWD Housing Colony near HAL Airport Road.  

Dog lovers can bring their pets along and enjoy the evening breeze with their pets without any restraint. As most BBMP parks in the city don’t allow pets inside, this move was welcomed by the residents of Domlur and nearby areas. The maintenance of the Park is being done by the pet parents

The spot-fixers have dug out a corner in the park which will be used to compost the excreta left by the furry visitors. “It’s called the ‘poop pit’ and all dog owners scoop the poop and put it there. The pit is ‘managed’ – with mud added to it to avoid any foul smell and it will also create good manure for the park.

On the entertainment front, a play area has been set up for our four-legged friends which include a kennel, three tire tunnels, dog benches and even stone chairs for the pet owners.


Here’s wishing you a doggy day!


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