Oh! So bright : Home Decor Ideas This Diwali !!

Diwali is the festival of lights and people all around celebrate this festival by lighting little earthen pots called diyas meanwhile children enjoy crackers and homemade sweets. People decorate their houses with lamps and torans together with rangolis to brighten the aura of their homeplace. We suggest you to use up the unnoticed things lying around you this Diwali for pocket friendly decor.

Here are some diy ideas and tips which you can look forward to this Diwali.


Diwali home decorDecorate your floors with mandana drawings on the entrance of your house to give an authentic touch to your place. These look the best when drawn with the red brick powder colour called hirmich in the parts of Rajasthan. You can easily give shades to your drawing together with limestone powder which is white in colour.

Torans & Bandhanwars

Diwali home decorMake your own torans with mirrors and beads and hang them on your doors to give a grand look, you can even hang colourful pom-poms on its sides likewise you can try improvise on your own by trying to make them with flowers, paper mâché, embroideries, shells and what not!


diwali home decorFill up your home with all kinds of handmade candles or you can do minimal embellishments on the existing ones too. You can stick dried up leaves coupled with little flowers on your candles and give them a whole new vintage look. Surprise yourself with some homemade candles out of things like orange peel, egg shells or even sea shells.

Old Wine bottles and mason jarsdiwali home decor

Use your old bottles to enhance the shine of your house with simple diys, stuff them with fairy lights or simply cover them up with newspapers and then watch them shine from beneath!


diwali home decorNothing lights up better than the traditional Diya….. Decorate your extra diyas from last Diwali and give them a whole new look just wash them and paint them because at the end of the day diyas are one of the main attractions of this festival. You can buy floating diyas or make your own diyas out of flour.


diwali home decorMake colourful Rangolis to cover up your halls and floors with flowers, grains, turmeric, rice and even chemical colours. Rangolis are the symbol of good luck and charm which women usually draw with powdered colours in almost all parts of India. Make your own different rangoli this year.

Doily lights

diwali home decorPeople use doily lights generally to decorate their terrace railings and walls but you can even give this fairy touch to your halls and even bedrooms. You can use them in addition with some mason jars or crochet patters or simply hang them on your walls .

Wish you a bright and safe Diwali this year!


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