Diwali: The Festival of Lights & Not Crackers and Pollution

To the People of the Internet!

For the longest time We have associated Diwali with crackers, is Diwali really all about crackers? Well, No! Diwali is the festival of lights, Light that you get by lighting up a Diya, light that you get when you make someone’s day.

In a conversation the other day, An acquaintance of mine justified burning crackers by saying that He has been walking instead of driving a car or taking a cab, using steel or any sort of reusable utensils instead of use and throw dishes, Reusing the water used for other things to help the environment and that Diwali is like a cheat day everyone deserves and hence he should just be allowed to burn crackers and I was like Woah What!? Did he just compare the Environment with a diet? I argued about how that is wrong on different Levels and that Environment is degrading and We need to take a serious action now, The glaciers are melting, Sea levels are rising, There are forest fires happening very often and if we don’t do anything then It would be too late.

DiwaliIt’s just not the mother nature, but we humans too are suffering along with other animals. Last year, A friend of mine who has Asthma, couldn’t step out of her house in Delhi for 4 days because of the pollution. To everyone who wants to argue over the fact that the crop-burning is a reason and not Crackers, It is one of the reasons and so is the burning of the crackers but the least we can do is Stop burning crackers, and here are a few things you can burn instead of Crackers

  • Calories ( because hey, we all wanna shed the Mithais we’ve been having)
  • Ego ( because too much ego is never good )
  • Gender Roles ( this one is hella toxic to the society)
  • Patriarchy ( we all know why)


Spend time with your family, Light up diyas, Make Rangolis, Have some mithai and maybe the money from which you would have bought crackers, spend that money on something that would help the society or the environment because that will be a true synonym of Light.

Have a Safe, Green and Happy Diwali for Diwali is the Festival of light and not Crackers and pollution.


Contributed by Himani Yadav


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