Ditch Them Hotels For These Beautiful Farmstays

Agritourism is on the rise in our country and why not, when it comes to agriculture in India, agriculture actually goes back to Indus valley civilization. India has a lot to offer and one can experience the true essence of the country by ditching them hotels and staying in farmstays in India.


farmstays in India

“Maachali” meaning elevated huts in Malvani Language is a beautiful farmstay located in Parule and is a family run place. The hut style accommodation are built deep inside the forest cutting you off from the rest of the world and providing you with a serene and blissful experience. All around the accommodation one can beetle nut, banana and spice plantation with a small stream flowing by whose melody can be heard constantly in the background.

Sunnymead Estate

farmstays in India

Nestled in the lap of Mother Nature a, Sunnymead Estate is one of the best places to go to if you are looking from an escape from the city life. It is exactly like one of the places i Enid Blyton’s novels with lush greenery and beautiful flowers all around with their in-house pets who will just melt your heart with their cuteness. This is one of the oldest surviving architectures in Shimla that is still true to its authenticity and supports a traditional Dhajji architecture. Interiors are very english with beautiful pop of colours in every corner and antique furniture. They make food from fresh produce, bake yummy cakes, has a great library and provides with s beautiful view.

Prakriti – Kaushal’s Ecological Farms

farmstays in India

There is no better place than Punjab that will give you a true feel of farmstay up in north. Prakriti is one such farm stay located in Rupnagar where you can enjoy some local home-cooked food traditionally maintained accommodation and a serene environment.

Dewalokam Farmstay Retreat

farmstays in India

An ancestral farm of a Syrian Christian family, Dewalikam Farmstay Retreat is located 90 minutes drive from Kochi airport. Surrounded by a natural reserve and a river, this place produces fruits, vegetables, spices, milk, and honey. One can experience a lot of things here and indulge in multiple activities like bamboo rafting, temple visits, spice walks and village cows. Try your hand at cow milking or learn something to cook from the cooking classes organised. If not, just lie down on the hammock and let the day pass by lazily.

Destiny Farmstay

farmstays in India

A paradise for all the animal lovers, Destiny Farmhouse is located 25 kilometers away from Ooty hill station. The farmstay has something for both adults and kids and we bet that you would enjoy every bit of your time here. Elders can spend their time pampering themselves at the luxury spa or just going on tours to see the farm grown produce of coffee, spices, fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. It is also a house for many animals like horses, cows, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, geese and dogs, which makes this place a hit among the kids as well.

Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay

farmstays in India

Do your eat, dream, breathe cheese? Well, then this is the place for you. Acres Wild Cheesemaking Farmstay is for all those people who love cheese. The whole farmstay is dedicated to organic cheese-making and holistic, self-sustaining living and is spread over 22 acres of land in Coonoor. You can also be a part of the cheese making course and learn a thing or two about cheese.

Citrus County

farmstays in India

This is one of the most famous farmstay in India and is located Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Staying here one can truly experience the life of a local in this place while indulging in activities like going for fruit picking, exploring local villages, visiting a dairy farm, and learning how to cook Punjabi food.

Tathagata Farm

farmstays in India

Going to Darjeeling? You must ditch all the other place and book your stay at Tathagata Farm which is situated 45 minutes from Darjeeling. Nestled amid lush green surroundings, the farmstay has tea plantation along with
cardamom, ginger, vegetables, oranges and more. You can go on trekking, fishing, for a picnic or on plantation tours.

The Goat Village

farmstays in India

As the name suggests, The goat village has numerous goats grazing all around this place. The village offers homestay to people coming to have a one of a kind experience in this place. The village is set up by green people as an initiative to generate some income and increase markets for organically-farmed products.The location is pristine with a jaw dropping gorgeous view. To reach this village one needs to trek for an hour. The village is located in Garhwal district in Uttarakhand.

Yangsum Heritage Farm

farmstays in India

Based in Rinchenpong, Sikkim, this farmstay is run by a married duo. The farmhouse was built in 1833 and remodelled in 1966, it has five rustic styled tibetan wood-panelled rooms. It is located 4,920ft in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and is spread over 44 acres that produces crops like
cardamom, avocados, apricots, maize and potatoes.  The whole place wis surrounded by beautiful trees of pine, alder, chestnut, magnolia, cherry and bamboo groves.


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