The Seven Different Types Of Friends We All Have !!

Whoever said that you need all kinds of friends to fully complete your circle was spot on. All these guys have their own special kind of traits which if they hadn’t brought to the table for us, life would perhaps have been boring as hell and goes without saying – vastly different.

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to swear by the common notion – ‘bigger the group – more the fun’, having a smaller group of about three-four people suffices equally well, if not better. And since we are kinda quoting a few stuff here, another one in respect of this could read somewhat like – ‘the lesser people you chill with, the less BS you deal with’…right?

This is more legit for the people who have actually crossed their school and college lives. Back then, being popular among everyone in your institution, having tons of friends and stuff like that seemed to be the greatest thing in the world, literally.

types of friends

It’s only when you grow up that you realize that it’s not how many that matter, it’s the people who stick around even when the world turns upside down, that do. The funniest bit is the fact that you will never really know this at first, but as the years go by and waking up everyday for college and school gets replaced by sleepless nights worrying about work, heartbreaks and future plans – it is always the greatest feeling in the world when your best people call you over for a night-out.

Now with a good chunk of people still reeling over friendship day, here’s our take on the types of friends we all have, will have or had in our groups ! Here you go.


long distance friend

The title is self explanatory ! Having a long distance boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t the only cross border relationship you’ll have in your life.
Your buddies staying in different states, cities or countries will almost make you want to mark down the dates on your calendar till the time they are in town.

When they do finally make it where you are, you guys end up having the time of your life as if there was no tomorrow ! After all, both of you’ll have a lot to catch up on.


the host

Every group has that one person they can rely on to organize or throw the best party imaginable ! Usually, these are the exact same people who end up with a house which more or less looks war-struck !

But nonetheless, there is always going to be a friend’s house where you can crash anytime you want to.



These are the ultra sly ones and things are ‘more often than not ‘tight’ for these guys. Well, this could have been a legit excuse had they not overused it !

The promise to return the favor gets easily forgotten and a few kicks and punches on these guys seems to be the only way out, plus it’s kinda fun too!


the always hungry friend

I guess, this is the label my friends are going to give me ! 😛 But people like us – we are either never not-eating or always talking about food.

Come on, there’s nothing which can be solved with food. Right?


the problem solver

Speaking of which, every group will also have their official problem solver. These are the ‘been there, done that’ guys. From the tiniest of problems to earth shattering ones, you can count on these folks to guide you into steady waters.

At the same time, most of them will probably just ask you to join them for a drink and laugh over the issue at hand, regardless of how serious it is. This is perhaps what we like about them the most !


the always late friend

For these guys ‘be there at 9’ will get lost in the wind and they’ll make their grand entry at say around, 10.30 !
Chances are they won’t even make it by then and will most likely be ‘on their way’ when you call them up.


the in your face friend

There’s something classy about being super honest and calling a spade a spade.
These guys epitomize that and they literally don’t know how to mince their words before speaking. Lets just say friends like these are ideal for some pep talk when life’s rolling over into a ball of…you-know-what.

Coming to think of it, every single kind of person mentioned in this list is necessary to create memories.

Let us know if you have any other kind of friend, other than the aforementioned ones ! 🙂


About Author

Siddharth Nandi

Currently a final year student at Bhawanipur Education Society College. I've been the drummer for the bands After We Fell and Stained. I've also been a two time state champion and a black belt in karate. A Delhi Public School passout, the flair for writing came from writing poems and song lyrics.


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