Movers & Shakers Of F&B- Meet Veta Ratra, The Brand Consultant Who Is Making Heads… & Brands Turn !

With the F&B industry alive and kicking, the plush modernity that has taken over the dining experience, the innovative streak rolling on to the menus…. it’s sunny days for F&B! But this is just the cover…. the real toil leading to these exquisite experiences is duly credited to those who have the creativity and the power to turn a place, an experience around- the brand consultants! One such face behind some of the most popular and visited places in the Delhi NCR region is…. Veta Ratra, Brand consultant for Brand Building & Media Relations.… And here is her story….

Veta Ratra

“With the emerging need of the existence of brand identity and its awareness, the PR in today’s world is at its rapid pace. We as a team, ensure the brand building by establishing the brand identity employing the various PR media tools. We understand that Public Relations are the science of influencing behavior through the powerful communication. So, while our clients concentrate on their business, I help them build, nurture and protect their brand.”

1) How did you realise Public Relation to be your calling?

It was never on my plate to enter the field of PR. Instead, I always wanted to explore advertising and while tracing advertising I ended up doing a specialization in PR as an alternate career option. I landed up myself in a reputed PR firm and from there I started enjoying the field. Socializing with people and clients from different backgrounds, conceptualizing strategies started bringing excitement as I began to develop and explore a different side of myself. I came close to my strengths and weaknesses. I realized my appetite for planning and selling and thus made my career in the PR industry. 


2) As a woman, what challenges did you face?

Each industry comes with its own challenges and so does PR too. Being an industry where the influence of women is important, PR consists of more women than men as per today’s statistics. However, tight deadlines, quick turnaround times and demanding clients makes the profession a little uneasy but all carried gracefully with integrity, value system and will-power makes it a sweet experience. Not all clients are tough but not all of them are kind too. I have had my share of experiences too where I felt like giving up but I came up as a stronger person than before. My husband’s support, family’ love and the kind of trust and support I received from my client’s has made me what I am today. 


3) Your thoughts on F&B industry in metropolitan cities in India?

Rising disposable incomes has changed consumer lifestyles and has boosted the F&B industry like never before. With more millennials, increased pocket size and new international cuisines & brands, the metropolitan cities in India are experiencing new dynamism. The market is getting diverse from diet based cafes to gluttonous restaurants, from multi cuisine diners to international concepts & regional Indian places, luxury nightclubs, High end concept places and more. It is that time for the industry where everything is more versatile and innovative.

Farzi Cafe

4) How has the F&B industry changed with the surge of PR as the mainstage?

Being a very liquid industry, a strong and a versatile PR agency is the most dynamic & effective way to publicise an F&B brand. From rising digitalism to millennials and more trends, PR has been the most binding force connecting digital tools and platforms while driving customer traffic towards the brand. Good PR strategies have helped in earning exposure the brands needs to create customer excitement making them come back again. Thus companies need PR to tell the world about their existence, it is the best way for brand awareness.


5) What is your mantra for a good PR?

Maintaining the right image of the brand and staying true to the core values of the brand is the true mantra of good PR for me. I believe in discovering and shaping each brand’s unique story and helping them share it with the world allowing them to narrate their true value to the world. My mantra is all about a short and succinct statement that encapsulate the brand’s belief and purpose. 

Unplugged Courtyard

6) Working with some of the bigwigs of the F&B industry, were there any roadblocks? Do share

I am blessed to have dealt with some of the bigwigs of the F&B industry . The journey has never been swift and smooth without any roadblocks. Started working as an Independent Brand consultant , where each day I am competing with Bigger companies has been the Major challenge for me. Breaking the jealousy myths amongst restaurateurs, I believe healthy competition would be the right word for it which is important for the growth of the entire gamut of F&B industry. Right from handling the best of restaurants like Plum by Bentchair, Dragonfly, Ophelia, Prankster, Farzi Café , Made in Punjab, Nueva, Cafe Delhi Heights, Daryaganj, Burma Burma, Molecule, Pra Pra Prank, Unplugged Courtyard, Soy Soi, Local, Junkyard Cafe, Sexy Soda, Liv Bar and more… to top notch restaurateurs, l consider it as my fortune to be working with as Umang Tewari, Vikrant Batra, Priyank Sukhija, Zorawar Kalra, Inderjeet Singh Banga , Dinesh Arora, Amit Bagga, Akshay Anand and more. Handling the bigwigs of the industry depicts the client’s faith of us and builds the foundation for many more clients approaching us. However, sustaining and retaining clients isn’t that easy as it looks, but I take it as a healthy competition and a learning drill. There is another challenge involved when you handling Restauranteur of Mentioned Statures, as Lot of New people who don’t invest much time in R&D before opening any or every concept thinks that PR would run the restaurant, but I firmly believe that Before any thing, It’s the Product that matters. I am thankful to my clients who have created the products which are worth selling and create noise. 

Plum by Bentchair

7) Your journey to and through your entrepreneurial journey.

From the very beginning I had been very passionate about achieving my goals. While working in a PR firm for 3 years I realized about having faith in the brands and clients you work for is the key to success. This led to into the inception of my own brand where I could afford to work for those clients that I believed in. Boosted my immense support from my parents, my in-laws and my husband who motivated me to star my entrepreneurial journey, I started building my path. I had enough courage to follow it and persistence to garner success on the path with passion, vision, dedication and action. 


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