Top 8 Dieticians to Consult in Delhi To Get In Super Shape

Keeping your body healthy and being in shape is the biggest need of the hour today. Just look around you, almost everyone is facing weight problems or is fighting with diseases that emerge after it. The problems in a human body are not only a result of what you eat but also a reflection of how much you eat and when you eat. Hence, it is extremely crucial to consult a proper dietitian and determine the vitamin, fibre and nutrient requirements of your body and plan your meals accordingly.

However, a big problem that people today face is that even though they are willing to consult a dietician- they have little idea of where to go or whom to consult. If you too are in a fix like this then read on as we at What’s Up New Delhi share with you top 6 Dieticians to consult to get in super shape and work towards having a body that becomes the reason of envy for others.

Shivani Sikri


Shivani Sikri is an award-winning dietitian who has made a ton of people lose their weight and be back in shape with their unique diet charts and nutrition requirement charts. She offers intelligent diet plans for weight loss through Lifestyle Management (work routines, time constraints, eating habits, meal preferences, travel Schedules, genetics & therapeutic / family medical history) made afresh and fulfilling specific demands of clients. Her Indian Versions of Keto Diets, Paleo diets, and other fat targeting diets has made fat loss an everlasting and easily attainable process by eating only your home cooked food.

Through Nutri4Verv, Shivani continues to work towards its objectives along with a circle of experts to act as life architects, helping people to restructure their lives, together with working towards the company’s motto is, “Eat Healthy Look Great Live Longer”.

Where: Nutri4Verve, B-1/22, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 

Call: 8800339577



Shikha Mahajan

Shikha Mahajan is a Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Metabolism Specialist, Intuitive Eating Counsellor and an Integrative Health Coach. Having battled obesity at a young age, she turned her passion for health into her career and is now set out to changing lives of many people. Today, she uses her skills in Nutrition and Holistic Therapies to run her practice, where she helps people improve their relationship with food and learn how to eat intuitively, so they can focus on nurturing their bodies without the need to count each calorie. Having a full-fledged system for Online Consultations, she has clients from not just Delhi but throughout India, and NRIs spanning across globe. Her diets usually result in not just great weight loss but exceptional inch loss. For this reason, she has often been termed as the “INCH LOSS SPECIALIST” by both her clients as well as the media.

Where: F137, Main Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Call: 9810425765



Ishi Khosla


Ever heard of Whole foods? They are one of the most popular store chains in the country that produce and preserve healthy options for eating and Ishi Khosla is its founder. She once suffered from obesity at a very young age and started studying nutrition to lose weight in a healthy way. Interestingly, her knowledge in the subject has been a boon for others and have paved the way for their healthier future. She has worked as a nutritionist in the preventive cardiology unit of Escorts Heart Institute, Delhi and those who have consulted her share that she makes even boring eating fun with her exclusive tips.

Where: 47, Community Center,New Friends Colony, Delhi

Call: 011-30018020 

Shwetaa Shahii



Shweta Shahii is perhaps one of the most experienced dietician and nutritionist in the industry and runs Shweta’s Slimage Diet Clinic in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. With a plethora of health and wellness programs on the offer what segregates Shweta from others is her ability to chalk out practical diet goals for her clients to achieve.

Location: Road No.15 , House No. 06, First floor, Punjabi Bagh Extension, Club Road, New Delhi

Contact: 099998 62141

Raminder Kaur Deshmukh

Having worked with major hospitals in Delhi and NCR, Raminder Kaur Deshmukh enjoys a tremendous reputation when it comes to a discussion about top dieticians in the city. Raminder has a vast range of knowledge and experience in many clinical areas such as Diabetes, high Cholesterol and high Lipids, Antenatal (Pregnancy), Post-Pregnancy weight loss, Weaning Foods for the infants, Diet for Over and Underweight kids.

A winner of best Nutritionist award at various forums, Raminder has also been instrumental in writing a diet related columns for a reputed e-magazines.

Location: 11/65 Ground Floor, Behind Ansal Classique Tower, Rajouri Garden, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi 

Shikha Sharma


shikha sharma nutritionist delhi

Though everyone calls her a nutritionist, Shikha Sharma is an allopathic doctor first that realized her true calling in preventive medicine. She specializes in diagnosing the medical needs of patients and analyses their body constitution. The diet prescription is then devised along with her team of nutritionists later. Her food philosophy encourages people to make their diet fibre-rich, with whole and unrefined grains, fruits with skin.

Where: A57, Panchsheel Enclave, Near Swami Nagar, New Delhi

Call: 011 2649 3314

Nisha Malhotra


Nisha Malhotra Dietician

With over 31 years of experience as a dietician/nutritionist, Nisha Malhotra is best known for giving quick & easy weight loss tips without giving any change in main meals, no dieting, no exercises and guaranteed inch loss in only 3 weeks. Currently, she is running her own diet clinic in West Delhi by the name of Dietitian Nisha Malhotra’s Diet Clinic and has also been awarded “Global Healthcare Excellence Award – Best Dietician of 2013.”

Where: 30 Ground floor, Near Radisson Blu,, Outer Ring Rd, Bhera Enclave, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi

Call: 011 4245 1121

Reema Hingorani Madhian


Dietitian Reema Madhian

Reema Hingorani specializes in her holistic approach to nutrition, weight and health management, while incorporating correction to address specific problem to obesity, nutritional imbalances and dietary irregularities. She is best known to create designated programs based on individual needs and individual body types as every person is different and their body reacts to different plans differently.

Where: F-282 New Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi

Call: 09810149107



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