7 Days, 7 Places: Experience Hauz Khas Village Like Never Before

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The lanes may be narrow and the electricity wires might be dangling over your head but one has to agree that the Hauz Khas Village Delhi has a mystical enigma of its own. The area has a historical significance, undeniably spectacular scenic views and an old world charm, that make it your escape place when you are completely lost in those bustling streets of Delhi that rarely allow anyone to switch off.

Celestial as the place maybe, Hauz Khas Village these days has been sadly stereotyped as a junkyard of bars and joints that serve you cheap alcohol, ladies nights and hookas. In this exclusive feature at What’s Up New Delhi we give you a sneak-peak to Hauz Khas like never before- 7 Days, 7 Places that enable you to experience Hauz Khas Village Like Never Before.

Day One: Explore Different Genres of Art

Very few people know that the Hauz Khas Village in Delhi is also the home to some of the most artistic paintings and centerpieces around the world. Just enter the Delhi Art Gallery at 11, Hauz Khas Village and you will find yourselves in a different world altogether, one that displays modern 20th century Indian Art like you have never seen before. From those impressive brush strokes to modern tributes of the ancient that has stood the test of time, Delhi Art Gallery has all the ingredients to pleasantly stun you. Interestingly, one can also purchase their favorite art works from the gallery to take their love to the next level.

art gallery

Another notable pit stops-

Creativity Art Gallery

Where: 6 Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

Day Two: Learn a new craft

People come to Hauz Khas Village to drink and let loose over the weekend. And while that is the general perception most people are unaware about the fact that they can actually learn a thing or two from their one time visit to the area. Just hop on to the Parikrama School of Music at A/1, Second Floor, Hauz Khas Village and one can take a beginner’s lesson in guitar, the drums, violin or even singing. Also if music isn’t something that you wanna take up then you can put on your dancing shoes and learn belly dancing from the Banjara School of Dance. This is the dancing academy set-up by TV star Meher Malik and is situated at 3rd Floor, Building No. 2, Above Country Collection, Hauz Khas Village.


Day Three: Master the art of Cooking

Little do people know that tucked away in Hauz Khas Village is also an Institute of International Culinary Arts that trains upcoming hospitality professionals in all areas pertaining to their field. One can easily go and learn the art of better hospitality and also perfect making those mouthwatering delicacies that drag them to Hauz Khas Village in the first place.


Where: Daryacha, IVth Floor, 39, Hauz Khas Village Road, Kolkata

Day Four: Stay The Night and Wake Up To Nature

Yes, party the night away at your pick from the plethora of clubs the village has to offer and then stay the night there with your friends. No, not passed out on the floor of the club but actually at The Rose Accommodation which is a French inspired boutique hotel that serves you authentic continental cuisine breakfast to brighten up your day. Trust us, authentic French food in the lap of nature, your mornings cannot get any better.

nature view

Where: T-40 Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

Price: Start at INR 4,000 per night

Day Five: Heritage Walks

Yes, there is a lot of nature to explore in Hauz Khas Village and it begins with a visit to the Deer Park and the reservoir. This extensive park, previously farmland, is dotted with deer, peacocks, guinea pigs and a great variety of birds like the purple sunbird, the rose-ringed parakeet and the rarer barbet. The park also has a great (khas) reservoir of water (hauz), built by Ala-Ud-Din-Khilji in the 13th century, from where the village borrows its name.


Day Six: Shop till You Drop

No visit to the Hauz Khas Village is ever complete till you’ve made the best use of the fashion sense the place has to offer. You can visit a range of places like- The People’s Project which hosts an eclectic range of tiny things from artisans across India to O Layla which offers quirky clothes and accessories that are made from recycled waste material to the Grey Garden restaurant, that houses the 11.11 brand by CELLDSGN, Mia Morikawa’s accessories label Kapowow and lifestyle products of MNLS from Austria. The place is a heaven for shoppers and this heaven needs to be explored by keeping aside one entire day dedicated to it.

hauz khas

Where: The People’s Project 48 Basement Hauz Khas Village; O Layla 21 Hauz Khas Village and Grey Garden restaurant 13 A Hauz Khas Village.

Day Seven: Eat and Let Loose

On the final day at Hauz Khas Village we request you to just let go of all your inhibitions and experience the crazy nightlife the place has to offer. Below are our top picks of where you should scoot off to-


For Kebabs and Mughlai

Where: 9-A, 1st Floor, Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Social

For Cocktails and ambiance

Where: 9-A & 12, Hauz Khas Village

Kunzum Travel Cafe

For Coffee and conversations

Where: T-49, Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village

Smoke House Deli

For delectable food and sangrias

Where: 12, Hauz Khas Village

Elma’s Bakery, Bar and Kitchen

For The Sweet Tooth

Where: 31, 2nd Floor,Hauz Khas Village

Out of the Box

For Intercontinental cuisine

Where: 9-A, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Hauz Khas


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