Netflix Now For Reading? Dream, Read, Relax…. What An Idea Sirjee!

Did you know that one in three users on the Indian internet spend considerable time reading non-news content on their mobile? It isn’t a myth that Indians don’t read…. not in the truly essential way at least. This hard hitting fact didn’t go down well with two South Delhi entrepreneurs who took the onus of busting the myth. A smooth reading experience is what they intended to build and make it a reality for the millennials. TaccoMacco is here!


Five years of designing townships, high-rises, and retail stores later,  two NIT alumni Kumar Abhishek and Gaurav Gupta launched a visual storytelling startup, TaccoMacco, in 2016, to infuse India’s literary stories with animation and bring a new age reading experience a la Netflix.


In 2018, TaccoMacco transcended to a Netflix-style, subscription-driven service for novels, ebooks, and stories. Their startup derives its name from two comic book characters, Tacco and Macco, the Abhishek and Gaurav had developed three years ago. TaccoMacco stores content from a list of lost Indian stories that are available in the public domain but have lost their copyright, to present them in a freshly presented format.


Like Netflix, TaccoMacco serves as a platform to read and discover curated books, and also as a creator of original content. The two entrepreneurs aren’t twisting a single bone in admitting to being influenced by the format of the online  media providing giant Netflix.. Not only its service model, but even its design reflects Netflix’s aesthetics right up to the last pixel.


TaccoMacco offers per-day subscriptions starting at INR 1. There are monthly (INR 99) and half-yearly (INR 499) plans as well. What’s more! The application’s  chapter-wise reading option has emerged as the app’s most popular feature so far. TaccoMacco has kept the entry barrier low in order to make reading “cool and trendy” again.


Abhishek & Gaurav, Founders, TaccoMacco

Despite the presence of popular reading platforms as Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, called ‘expensive’ in India and Juggernaut, millennial readers are starved of quality content because either the prices are exorbitant, or the reading experience is not in tandem with the format of  mobile devices on which people spend most of their time. TaccoMacco set out to fix both by making stories available at incredibly low costs, and delivering them in a visually engaging, mobile-friendly format. This also due to the fact that they do the cover art and graphics for all stories themselves!



TaccoMacco has developed 20 originals, and aggregated over 450 novels and stories have researched and explored thousands of abandoned stories, while also encouraging scores of aspiring writers through writing programmes. They have transformed these stories into graphics that are more enjoyably readable to the millennial reader. As a startup, they are bringing in curation, extensive quality control, and research for the next gen authors.


At present, TaccoMacco curates and presents content in English and Hindi, across genres as fiction, young adult, self-help books. More regional languages will be added and eventually, TaccoMacco aims to build a collaborative story-writing incubator for scores of writers who struggle to publish their work on well-established platforms. With new capital that they procure, they are expected to add a few team members and lots of new stories to be able to offer one new original every day.

With these Delhi boys bringing this effective endeavour into the lives of avid readers, there is still scope for Bibliophiles!

What an idea Sirjee!



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