Sunday Bazaar At Daryaganj….Has Everything, Under The Sun

Spread across the crowded lanes of Old Delhi, in Daryaganj, everything changes on a Sunday morning where all the shops are closed and they give way to the footpath market. Sunday is the busiest day for some, located on Asaf Ali Road till a bridge on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, the best time to reach here is around 10 AM because most of the shops are open by then.

SO here is a list of things that make the Sunday market at Daryaganj SO SPECIAL!

Books ….And Books!!

sunday bazaar at daryaganj

Yes, that’s what the first thing that hits you when you reach here. You’ll be shocked to see the number of books that you’ll be surrounded with. I know it sounds annoying to hear it repeatedly, but trust me, it is just not possible to explain in words how huge and big this market is!

Bargain…..Yeh humaara haq hai!

sunday bazaar at daryaganj

The pricing depends entirely upon the shopkeeper’s knowledge of the books and its demand in the market. But you need to act smart, if you show yourself to be too needy, the price shall automatically go up, hence it’s important to play it right. The trick is to be in command and decide a price; and bargain as much as you can. Sometimes, even the best of the best books are even sold just for 10 bucks!

Not just Books

sunday bazaar at daryaganj

As you walk along the pavement, you will find so much more than books. Old coins, stationary, trinkets, and even clothes are for sale here. For music lovers, there are even certain shops open on Sundays, where you can get varieties of guitar, piano, drums and Indian instruments like tabla, veena and sitar.


sunday bazaar at daryaganj

There are certain shops in Daryaganj that sell books at the rate of per kg. You can buy 4-5 books just for 100 bucks! Theses shops don’t just have books, they stack the cutest stationary including pens, erasers, paper clips, stick ons, markers and that too at 10-30 bucks!

Curriculum Books

sunday bazaar at daryaganj

Usually we go and purchase second hand books from Nai Sarak, but on Sundays you might be able to get cheaper books that you might be needing to prepare for your school exams or entrance exams. You name it and they have it!

Books For Toddlers

sunday bazaar at daryaganj

They have an amazing collection of Lady Bird, Disney series. The books available are soft bound and hard bound as well.

Dilli Darshan

sunday bazaar at daryaganj


There’s also a little bit of history on the way as well in the form of the famous Delhi Gate that was built by Shah Jahan in 1638. It’s just across from the market and a lovely sight to behold! If you’re ready to walk, you can even visit our beloved Chandni Chowk and Red Fort.

Food Cravings….Yesss!

sunday bazaar at daryaganj


Brijwasi Namkeen Bhandar, is the shop that you have try while exploring this vast market. This hidden gem is located in a small lane and it serves mind blowing bread pakaros. They even serve samosas and lassi (3399, TirahaBehram Khan Rd, Chattalal Miya, Chandni Mahal, Old Delhi, New Delhi). You can even explore other food options that are available there. After all, our Purani Dilli has the best flavours in town!

Carry your bag and explore this exciting market and find the hidden gems…Hell Yeah!!

The nearest Metro stations is Delhi Gate; you can even reach here by an auto or cab.
Our Tip: Take care of your belongings!



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