Paint The Town ‘Pink’ At The Rock Garden In Delhi- West Delhi’s Biggest Secret!

Delhi is a one stop destination for every kind of leisure and entertainment; a city of lakes, gardens, heritage sites and pilgrimages. Most are popular and constitute to the tourism economy of the city. Yet, there are some that are rising to prominence even now. One such place that Delhi is still lesser known to, is the Rock Garden in Delhi, West Patel Nagar.

rock garden in Delhi

Refreshing and luscious…. such is the ambience of Rock Garden in Patel Nagar. Tucked to the west part of the famous residential and market area, the garden is a paradise for people who wish to walk, jog and spend some time close to nature. Stretching over quite a large area, this tourist spot has well-maintained grass banks and trees like Neem, Eucalyptus, and Ashoka.

Needless to say, that the choked to brim neighbourhood of the area is craving an oasis that provides cleanliness and …. fresh air! Well maintained by a dedicated team of gardeners, the park has many varieties of flowering plants, seasonal plants, apart from the hundreds of leafy evergreens that dot the complex.

rock garden in Delhi

Why ‘Rock garden’? This one is distinctive from the most popular Chandigarh Rock Garden. Situated on a hillock, the garden was christened ‘Rock Garden’. The authorities reckoned the hill to be too costly to flatten with dynamite when Patel Nagar was in process in the late 1940’s. A surprisingly steep gradient was created, negotiated using a clay stone pathway that winds it way up, flanked by green turf, with well worn rocks here and there, that act as cozy natural benches.

rock garden in Delhi

What adds to the charm of the garden is the queue of bougainvillea flowers that paint the whole place pink. To preserve the beauty of the garden a separate section is made for outdoor sports activities as  football, cricket, and other sports. Not only can travellers relish praying but can also indulge in yoga and meditation. Well illuminated and generally safe, the park needs a visit.

Not one of the more publicised destinations in the city, this Rock Garden stands as a leisurely respite from the chaotic city madness. A great opportunity for rejuvenating and unwinding, the place needs to remain in the well maintained category.

Where: 20/17, Camp Cinema Road, Rajasthan Colony,West Patel Nagar, New Delhi
Timings: All days of the week, 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM



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