No More Traffic Woes! One-Way Vehicle Movement In Karol Bagh

North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has decided to make Padam Singh and Tank Road one-way, which would decongest the market traffic. This step would lead to reduction of traffic on these heavy footfall roads. This step was taken by the civic body, who governs the traffic in the part of city.

Recent decision of NDMC stated that there would be a No-Vehicle zone in Ajmal Khan Road. Traffic police got a good response in pedestrianisation of this Road. The purpose of this plan was to maintain new street furniture, complete with garden lamps and benches in and around.

Now if you are going Karol Bagh market you could park your vehicle at Arya Samaj Road, although the price for parking is Increased, so we would you to travel by Public Transport to save Environment, Money and most important Time.

Happy Shopping.


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