Naturals – Nature’s Own Ice Cream Store!

Even though summers are still playing hide and seek with us, I decided that finally it was time. Not for the woollens to go inside suitcases but for treating myself to some ice-cream. The fruity flavours were calling out to me since a few weeks now. Finally I gave up, and headed straight to Naturals, Connaught Place.

naturals ice cream delhi

naturals ice naNaturals opened it’s first Ice Cream Parlour at Mumbai in 1984 and since then it has been a sweet journey. I first tasted their ice cream in Pune, at least five years ago and fell in love with the fruity flavours they offer. Not to mention, my happiness knew no bounds when I came to know Naturals is starting operations in Delhi. Finally, my craving for all the fruity flavours was going to be satisfied after a long hiatus. They don’t serve ice creams, they literally serve fruits which feel like ice-creams but taste like fruits. Get the drift?

I chose my favourite black-grape ice cream to start my tryst with Naturals Delhi. But, one wasn’t enough. I moved on the guava after that, but forgot to take any pictures as I delved deeper and deeper into one flavour after another. I was on a ice-cream spree. My happiness is quite evident from the picture below!

It was only after I had three scoops that I came back to earth from the heavens I was floating in. They were having a ‘Berry Festival’ that weekend, which made it all the more special. They don’t have just the usual strawberry but cranberry, mulberry and a few others as well. It was a welcome change to get so many seasonal flavours to choose from. Here is a small peek into all the flavours!

naturals cp

And if you’re not heading to their outlet already, here are a few more items on their menu. The summer might still be far, but the time is always right for some ice-cream, right?

The Naturals Wall of Fame was a major attraction with everyone inside this huge Ice Cream Parlour. Media Mentions and loads of accolades from as long as they could remember!

Next time you crave for ice cream, skip everything else and head to Naturals. I promise you won’t regret.


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