Experience The Ultimate Culinary Art At Monsoon Cafe In Aerocity…

A place to bring people together to eat better, feel better, and celebrate a passion for better living. Guess what? Monsoon Café celebrates that. Well, Monsoon is located at Aerocity, New Delhi and takes care of this dilemma for most of us and comes with a menu that is refined to perfection with dishes but along with perfection they believe in doing something different and they are here to fulfill that quality.

Started by Udit, this place is one of a kind to go to if you are hunting for a peaceful atmosphere. Monsoon aims to capture the joy and elation that the rainy season brings to everyone across India, and they have tried to capture that joy through the creative use of locally sourced ingredients to produce a unique fusion of Indian flavor. Whether you are here with your friends to just hanging out, on a romantic date, a student or corporate official, this place has something for everybody. The interiors are given a lot of thought and a sense of aesthetically pleasing is what defines this place perfectly. If you are a fan of indoor plants, you just can’t resist yourself from loving this place as they have indoor plants placed as well with a minibar for the drinkers.

Snack On Small Plates

I wandered in with my four friends and was immediately greeted by the friendly staff. With a dream of catering the Modern Indian food with freshest of ingredients, all their food is made in-house starting with Bandel Cheese Salad which was mouth-watering. If you think that salads are boring, after having this I am pretty sure you will love it as we all loved it. Have you ever heard of Keema Gujiya? They have gone into the minutest of details to ensure that the food is absolutely outstanding and something that sends your taste buds to a frenzy.

Do Not Miss Their Specialties

Now, every restaurant has many hits and misses but when it comes to Monsoon, They try there best to impress you. So, all the Vegetarians out there, We all love Dal Makhani but what if it’s getting paired up with Broccoli? Sounds weird? But it’s a must-try from it plating to its taste to served with pudhina parantha. Apart from this one Must try their Podi Idli which looks pretty to be consumed. While we were eagerly waiting what’s next Now, for the star and the talk of the town-Fish Tikka, Keralan inspired dish made in tandoor. With an unstoppable grin, we saw the meat kulchas appear before us and it was love at first sight. Stuffed with goat meat and bone marrow with a side of garlic raita rich in flavors.

It’s Time For Drinks

We started with Root To Fruit, as the name suggests it was rooted with organic Haldi, rose water and Basil, a worth trying fusion. Next was Asafetida Sour another drink to try for with a flavor of asafetida and popcorn. As I told you if I have to describe this place Uniqueness is the first quality they are well versed with it.

Never Say No To Desserts

As dessert makes everything better we were flabbergasted especially with their Chocolate Torte. The chocolate used in the torte is not only organic but also sourced from within India, as are most of their ingredients across dishes. We couldn’t resist trying their Halwa as what innovation you can expect in it? But they again surprised us by flavoring in a completely new way filter coffee and orange.

By Divya Chadha


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