Nocturnal Wonderland: 9 After-Dark Things For Night Crawlers In Delhi

And they say Delhi is too hot to be explored in summers. Well, go out in the dark and find out for yourself! Dil Waalo Ki Dilli is also a city which never sleeps. Every nook and corner of this historically modern city has unexplored streets and numerous hangout joints. This city is full of night-owls which have their own haunts to hoot away at. From food-joints to clubs to midnight walks, we bring to you some of the late-night things to do in Delhi.

Scroll down to indulge in some nocturnal bliss in Delhi after late hours of the night.

Feel Patriotic At India Gate

late night things to do in Delhi

This war memorial at Rajpath does not need any introduction. India Gate is one of those amazing places where pride meets beauty. The magnificent monument stands majestically, attracting people from far and wide. You can enjoy a silent midnight walk or chatter with your friends; or you can grab your DSLR and click breathtaking pictures of this splendid memorial!

Head to Pandara Road – India Gate For Post Party Food

late night things to do in Delhi

Pandara Road is a hub for midnight food lovers. The place opens up in the evening and remains open till the break of dawn. The road is filled with restaurants that serve lip-smacking, hygienic food to satisfy all your late-night cravings. The road is a paradise for clubbers, who come here after a night of hardcore partying to wolf down the delicious food – the perfect ending to a fun night. Gulati and Pindi are two of the most famous restaurants on this road and are a must try.

Chill with folks at cool cafes

late night things to do in Delhi

There was a time our only bet was Pandara Road. Today, we’re spoilt for choice. Spooky Sky in Paharganj has everything from pizzas to dal makhani on a rooftop. Located at DLF Mall, Vasant Kunj, Mocha Art house is another hangout joint to gather at, post 11 PM. Famous for its ambience and variety of instant cuisines, visitors can also chill while watching a nail-biting cricket match on the big screen with their gang!

Go Food Trippin’ – Old Delhi at Night

late night things to do in Delhi

Fascinated by crowds and street food? Old Delhi is known for its crazy, chaotic and colorful markets, but as the sun sets, it gets converted into a calm and serene city. Walk through the narrow maze of Old Delhi’s streets and explore its night-life.

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Bangla Sahib

late night things to do in Delhi

We can’t rave about the kadha prasad or the inner peace that pervades our being every time we’ve walked into Bangla Sahib. The very spirit of unconditional love and generosity can be felt, regardless of what religion you conform to, and that’s the greatest thing ever. If you, like us, love utter silence and the sound of uninterrupted ardaas,4:30-5am is the best time to visit.

Pull an all-nighter at Ingenious Library in Dwarka

late night things to do in delhi

A lot of times, a lot of shit needs to get done, and you’ll be surprised at how much a change of scenery can help. Enter Ingenious Library in Dwarka. This round-the-clock space hosts free events like karaoke evenings, workshops, match screenings and more apart from just letting you work, read or study in peace when you’re bored of your room (or the internet giving up on you). Bonus: Looking at other worker ants like you might serve as great motivation as well.

Dance your night away at late night clubs in Delhi

late night things to do in Delhi

Cinderella had a midnight curfew, but your cars aren’t turning into pumpkins, and your fancy clothes aren’t turning to rags, so what’s stopping you from dancing the night away? Most places in the city do shut shop at midnight but let’s vow to not complain about the nightlife of Delhi anymore. Here’s a list of the best late night clubs in Delhi that are open post 12:30 AM so you can party on till the wee hours of the morning!

Night safari to Qila Lal Kot Walls at Sanjay Van

late night things to do in Delhi

The Sanjay Van is famous for its night safaris, attracting trekkers and adventure enthusiasts alike. On this walk, you can learn about the histories of Mehrauli and Delhi and how time has changed the city through the centuries. The jungle is alive with sounds of the wild that make for an authentic experience.

Get spooky on a ghost hunting tour

late night things to do in Delhi

Now the daredevils of Night will feel their heart pumping at a higher pace. Just the idea of meeting the paranormal makes you all fired up! Let our list of eerie, supposedly haunted places in the city introduce you chaps to the wildest that Dilli has to offer. But a ghost walk is not a cake walk remember that; try to bring a friend along.

Get ready to go all rustic and experimenting at these late-night things to do in Delhi.



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