Lal Quarter, The Sarojini Of The East, Is Heart-Robbing Every Shopaholic In DELHI

Lal Quarter, for most of you this place might be un-heard and unknown, But this Market is an absolute hidden gem in the heart of East Delhi, Krishna Nagar. If you are looking for some inexpensive latka-jhatkas for your ethnics, or a Saare, which might make you Ms. Farewell in College/School, believe me this is the place which you should Visit. Lal Quarter doesn’t only take care of your shopping choas but also your between-the-shopping Hunger Pangs.

Ethnic Stores (The One Which Might Glam Up Your Instagram Feed)

Lal Quarter has the widest range of ethnic collection in the market, look up for the greatest deals. If you are looking for some nice Lehenga or Saare you should not miss Shrimati Saarees, they have the most affordable range of ethnics. Also you can look for some of the shops like Saree ghar, Sanjay Sarees.

Not Just Clothes, Accesories To Glam Up Your OOTD

There’s one shop opposite Delhi Darbar Juice Corner, which sells the best Bags and clutches. If you have no Bargaining experience, you should take some of your friends who could do so. Also there are many more shops round and about. If you are looking for some nice shades, then don’t go to any shop try those street hawker, who knows you might get shades like for as less as 50 bucks.

Lal Quarter Doesn’t Only Cater to The Female Audience, Also For Males

We Males become so restless when it comes to shopping, but Lal Quarter takes care of restlessness and offers you the best range of clothing and shoes. Every guys wants its T-shirt or Shirt to be decent, Lower to be Fine and Shoes to be Perfect, So visit here for some perfect shopping experience.

The Time You Will Spend At This Market, We Are Sure That You Will be All Exhausted by The End. Lal Quater Has Treat There Also.


Krishna Nagar has so many options for you. If in Lal Quarter you just cannot afford to miss kumar pav bhaji, lotan ke chole kulche, Sehgal pastry and everyone’s favorite Balaji Tandoori Maggie. 

Say No To Dehydration

We all know Summers are going to make us all exhausted when shopping, no worries Shake Sahab will take care of your Hydration. Also you can look for some local Lemon Soda shops, which we call Bantaa.

Tips For Shopping At Lal Quarter

  • Try Visiting this Market on Saturday as the prices fall down every Saturday
  • Don’t go on Tuesday’s and Monday’s are most of the shops are closed down
  • Always carry a Tote Bag with you.
  • Don’t forget to bargain (This was not necessary for Delhites, as they already are PRO in it)
  • Look for Export Surplus stores also.

By Ishan Sharma


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