Have Your Cake & Eat It Too… In Peace & No Guilt, As Laddoo’s Cakery Bakes Super Cakes For Pets!

The most difficult moment I experienced with my pet was when I had a piece of cake or a cookie in my hand, waiting to enjoy every bite of it…… but then….. there right in front of me, would be my Labrador, Muffin, salivating with the most innocently seeking eyes that would invariably make me go ‘aw’ and heavy in the heart for declining every time knowing that sugar is detrimental to dogs’ health. A birthday with no cake? A tad unfair to the furry friends, isn’t it? No amount of chew sticks could compensate for cake! A pet bakery in Delhi, please!

Pet bakery in Delhi

With no option for bakes for pets in the city, Laddoo’s Cakery comes as a respite on a gloomy day with no cakes! The brainchild of Priyanka Khera, an ardent pet lover, this is a Delhi based home-run bakery that bakes gourmet and fresh desserts as biscuits, jerky and cakes, just for pets, made of completely natural ingredients that are gluten-free, sugar-free and infused with no preservatives. A dream come true for your pet? Absolutely!

Pet bakery in Delhi

There is no better way to pamper your adorable furry babies, than to satiate their craving for treats. Now, treat them with all the cakes and cookies that you denied them, that left you feeling guilty, and them feeling left out. Laddoo’s Cakery does the most fascinating combinations of jerky and cookies, making it easier for you to pick one that suits your pet’s tastes. The treats come in Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian varieties!

Pet bakery in Delhi

Their fresh freshly baked biscuits, cakes and jerky come in savoury combinations as Carrot and Sweet Potato Jerky, Oatmeal and Peanut Butter biscuits, Banana and Peanut Butter biscuits, Chicken cookies, Chicken jerky , Carrot Peanut Butter cake, Pumpkin and Banana cake and many more to choose from, in perfectly healthy variations, aptly concocted for pets. Let every single birthday of your pet, now be celebrated the way it should… why shouldn’t they get their share of cake, right?

Pet bakery in Delhi

If your pet has a certain and particular taste, Laddoo’s Cakery will be more than happy to customise and concoct it and watch your pet get their last meal course served! No more guilt, pet parents! Now you can have your cake…. and eat it too!

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