Movers & Shakers Of F&B- Khyati Minglani, Brand Strategist And PR Expert, Stirs It Like A Boss!

“A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad” Richard Branson’s words, but lived by our Mover & Shaker of F&B of the week- Khyati Minglani, Brand strategist and PR expert, who purely through her passion, is the brain behind the eyeball grabbing success of some of the biggest names in the F&B… and here is her story….

Your journey to and through your entrepreneurial journey.

Khyati Minglani

The entrepreneur in me was born in 2014 when I started my own pr firm by the name of Trailblazers PR. Since I started it on my own, all I had was a brave heart and few years of experience. The journey wasn’t easy because getting clients on board for a new agency has always been a challenge and I faced the same hurdles too. Even after 5 years of relentless efforts and work, we still give it our best day to provide our clients with seamless services and no scope for complaints. 

 How did PR IN F&B come to you?

I was exposed to the field of public relation in the second year of my college when I interned with a pr agency and learned the nuances of being a pr. I not only enjoyed the work but was also good at it and realised that PR was my calling. Post completing my graduation, I started working with pr agencies and found myself enjoying the job. 

Do you think PR is rightly the fulcrum of any F&B brand?

The need for PR in the F&B industry is palpable considering the increasing competition. With a new outlet opening everyday, creating a brand value is pivotal. Pr agencies help the clients to create their need and demand in the market, plus also helps them establish themselves as a brand. Be it social media presence or on ground activities, PR agencies always look out for ways to gain public attention. 

How do you see brand building?

Brand building is not a one night business, but is a long term process which works on a different pace for different brands. Establishing a company as a brand takes a lot of efforts and marketing strategies which takes a huge team to plan and execute. It is not an easy task and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some of the most popular and visited places in Delhi NCR, that I have had the opportunity to work with are proof- The Drunken Botanist,
Distillery, Mic drop, Studio Xo , Banter, Darzi Bar, Cafe Roadies, Pikkle
Lanterns and Cafe Bokan
have been torch bearers of innovation, not just in the ambiance, but the menu concept too, and comfort rolled into one. That is the power of brand building!

As a woman, what challenges did you face?

I am not somebody who believes in differentiating between men and women, but as per the society norms, yes, I have always had the added responsibilities of being a wife and mother. I am glad to have a supportive partner who has been there at every step with me and helped me reach where I am today. 

Your thoughts on F&B industry in metropolitan cities.

The F&B industry is one of the major industries in metropolitan cities that only has a booming growth in the future. With new techniques and cuisines being introduced by the minute, there is no doubt in the fact that f&b industry is on a rise!


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