No Missing Flights As India’s First Air Train Connectivity To Come To IGI Airport

With the increase in population, government is taking steps to increase the comfort level of Indians. Now, no rushing from one terminal to other as your chances of missing a flight are going to be zero after the launch in Indira Gandhi International Airport of an Inter Terminal Air Train In New Delhi.

Connecting the three terminals, this air train is a clear example of the development of India. 

Year 2022 will be a significant one with the expansion of terminal 1 airport as well as the launch of air train. Can the frequent fliers be more happy? 

With the true purpose of convenience and keeping in the mind the airport handling capacity being 10 crores, this Automated Passenger Mover (APM) is coming into action.  


Indira Gandhi International airport just got promoted from 16th spot in 2017 to the 12th spot in 2020 for being the busiest airport. Earlier a bus shuttle was in use to take the passengers from one terminal to the other but it was difficult to suffice.


In August, Delhi Airport specialists had declared that DIAL (Delhi International Airport Ltd) would complete incorporation of the ‘Flight and Arrival’ terminals of T1. Further, it had reported the development of new T1 Apron, fourth runway, landside advancements for flow and network enhancements, double raised Eastern Cross Taxiways (ECT), and T3 adjustment works. When the development finishes, the Delhi Airport will purportedly turn into the first air terminal in Quite a while to have four runways and double raised Eastern Cross Taxiways (ECT)


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