Here’s The Twist… Hard Rock Cafe’s All American Classics Menu Gets A Makeover!

A twist to every tale, is what makes it interesting. So it holds true for gastronomy as well. With Delhi being the hub for multi cuisines, cafes, restaurants, lounges and streets, what makes one stand out over the other, is… the twist! That is exactly what Hard Rock Cafe entails! The place isn’t in need of preeminence, it is in need of true connoisseurs of their all American array. The kink in the decor is what sets the tone of the food experience as well! Get, Set…… Binge! With ever-changing food trends in this city, twist is the thing that’s required for grabbing the bull by the horns! HRCs quirky, innovative and totally interesting remix to their classic favourites such as sliders, steaks, mac & cheese, gives foodies like me opportunities to relish eccentric authenticity in any form! Are you ready for the twisted tale? Hard Rock Cafe presents it’s blend of quirk and comfort in a funky garb. Here it goes… The All American Classics Menu!
Hard Rock Cafe Delhi

Honey Sriracha Wings

Their Non Vegetarian spread is what is an absolute must try. Honey Sriracha Wings, a perfect combination of sweet and spicy, Smoked chicken wings tossed in a homemade honey & Sriracha sweet chilli sauce, takes this one to the top of my list of appetizers!  
Hard Rock Cafe Delhi

Grilled Tenderloin Steak

Grilled Tenderloin Steak, will rub you the right way…. Succulent with flavours of an espresso and chilli rub, served with a Bourguignon steak sauce, mashed potato or the signature “Love All” 11-spice blend tossed French fries, the fun is always about to begin with this one.
Hard Rock Cafe Delhi

Blackened Chicken Sandwich

In the mood, but not really? The Blackened Chicken Sandwich, will give the right fill; A toasted bun packed with our blackening spice rub grilled chicken breast, lettuce and red remoulade sauce, topped with tropical mango salsa, served with some crispy fries and ranch dressing.
Hard Rock Cafe Delhi

Buffalo-Style Sliders

Buffalo-Style Sliders
Everything palatable comes in small packages too! Buffalo-Style Sliders prove that to the T. Three juicy burger sliders served on toasted buns with the Classic Rock Wing Sauce, blue cheese or ranch dressing, topped with a fried onion ring, are enough to bring your taste buds to kneel.
Chipotle Chicken Steak
Hard Rock Cafe Delhi

Chipotle Chicken Steak

The smoky Chipotle Chicken Steak, is the perfect medley of flavours, theadobo sauce marinated chicken breast grilled to perfection and served creamy with chilli cilantro sauce, mash potato or the signature “Love All” 11-spice blend tossed French fries.
Mac & Cheese
Hard Rock Cafe Delhi

Chicken Mac & Cheese

Now, who doesn’t want the classic Mac & Cheese? The classic mac & cheese with a spicy twist; served with diced red peppers, buttered breadcrumbs and your choice of mains: grilled chicken, grilled shrimp or both, this is one twist you wouldn’t want to recover from. The Vegetarian Menu isn’t far behind as far as the delish appeal goes… Tango Salsa Cottage Cheese Slider, is a vegetarian reply to the Buffalo sliders. Three smokey chipotle cottage cheese sliders with spicy bean mix, crispy green apple slice and tangy tomato salsa. Not one to be underestimated! Hail Mexicana! South of the Boader Cottage Cheese is the luscious Tex Mex version! Chargrilled and spiced cottage cheese on a bed of Mexican spiced rice, laced with Southern spiced Cream Sauce and Cowboy Salsa. Hit It Up! Hit High! An exclusive array of beverages, top mixologists and trendy cocktails, brings a mini vacation being served at the bar! Hard Rock Cafe Delhi
The Tropical Margarita is ambrosia in a glass which combines house-infused strawberry tequila, orange liqueur, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice and fresh flavours of guava. Hard Rock Cafe Delhi
The exquisite flavours of Peach Paddy’O Pounder, that come with Whiskey, white peach syrup, fresh lemon juice, mint and fresh brewed iced tea, are set to get you in high spirits (albeit, the right way)! Hard Rock Cafe Delhi
Looking for a non-alcoholic cocktail option? The Passion Fruit Punch, which combines passion fruit puree, orange juice and ginger ale, is pure freshness in a glass! My verdict? Because reality, too, is always twisted, why not bring the best of all worlds, the Hard Rock Cafe way? Binge, Gulp, Repeat! 

Where: M 110, 1st Floor, DLF Place Mall, Saket, New Delhi

Call: 01244949630, 9015859859


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