E-Bicycles Come To New Delhi To Make Last Mile Connectivity Easier

Everyone is taking certain steps so as to reduce the pollution, taking metros and avoiding the usage of cars, when not necessary, is one of the primary steps in order to do so. But, what about the trouble faced by us for the last mile connectivity, that means, from the metro station to our destination. We use autos or rickshaws and it just adds to the cost. Sometimes its hard to find one and we just run late because of that.

This one solution taken out by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is the start of using E-bicycles in Delhi. Starting from the few prominent stations like Malviya Nagar and Saket, has got a great response as people are now actually considering the usage of these cycles. They started with a fleet of 250 e-scooters in the National Capital.

They have form a tie-up with Mobycy Zypp, a gurgaon-based e-scooter startup and a bike sharing app called yulu. The Yulu Miracle Model, is how these e-scooters are classified as, also have a range of upto 60 Kms after one single charge. The partnership of this has added to the existing fleet of e-rickshaws and cars in Delhi. 25 metro stations included in the yellow and blue line metro stations have already taken advantage of this collaboration and many more are in line. With the aim of taking the number of bicycles to 25000 by the second half of 2020, Amit Gupta, Co-founder of Yulu has high hopes with this initiative considering the audience’s response.

How To Use?

All you have to do is Register on the YULU APP, and as the top speed limit of these bikes are restricted at 25kmph, you don’t require a driving license so as to use this e-scooter. Once you are registered, visit the nearest Yulu zone and Unlock a bike with the QR-code available on your app and DRIVE SAFE!

Contributed by- Arshia Kochar


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