Dwarka City Center Gets Its One-Of-A-Kind Garbage Cafe

With the aim of making Delhi Plastic-free and generate awareness in the minds of dilliwale. The Cafe is opened by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) in the heart of Dwarka, the City Center in Sector 12. 

This Garbage Cafe is one of a kind, if you bring 250gms of plastic you will get a snack from the cafe itself and if you will bring 1Kg of plastic, you will get one full meal. 

Also if you are not in the mood to eat you can avail special discount vouchers from other brands at the city center, this plastic is sent to the processing plant for recycling procedure. 

The first garbage cafe was opened at Chhattisgarh and now another one here in Delhi to make it a plastic-free city. Here’s a step to make Delhi a smart city


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