It’s Woman Power In Delhi Police…. All Women Patrol Team

It’s been only five months since its formation, but Delhi Police’s All Women Patrol Team has already taken the city by storm! Imagine a group of badass women on bikes – ready to tackle any situation fearlessly. Well, that’s exactly what this determined group of ladies does.

Delhi Police Women patrol Team

Formed on 8 March this year on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Delhi Police All Women Patrol Team has two primary goals. The first is to ensure a greater level of safety for girls and women all over Delhi, and the second is to inspire more girls to be at the forefront of the Police.

The team consists of a handpicked lot of female personnel with experience in field training. This capable set of girls was further trained in unarmed combat and weapon handling and firing. Pretty cool, right?

Delhi Police Women patrol Team

The squad is headed by a woman police officer, who leads in a gypsy. The riders all have wireless gear and firearms with them at all times. They even have a protection team nearby!

The riders primarily focus on schools, colleges and offices in the daytime, and turn to markets and public places in the evening. The ladies have a special focus on developing a bond with schoolgirls. They hope to engage with them and help them solve whatever problems they face.

Delhi Police Women patrol Team

A few weeks ago, a girl was being stalked by a group of men near Select Citywalk mall in Saket. It was early in the morning, and the riders got straight to her rescue. The men were chased away and she was escorted away to safely. If the team keeps up the good work, Delhi will be a much safer place for us all!

“We keep an eye on girls in distress. In several cases, members of the woman squad have nabbed stalkers. They rescue girls and also ensure they reach their destination safely,” said Vijayanta Arya, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), who heads the squad.

Delhi Police Women patrol Team

Well, it certainly shows in the numbers! Since March, the number of cases of stalking, molestation and harassment have gone down by a significant amount. Between October 2017 and February 2018, 233 cases of crimes against women were registered. The same figure is 163 between March and July 2018. Keep it up, ladies!

We’re extremely impressed by the squad’s work and hope that the team expands and covers as many areas of Delhi as possible, because we surely need it. Here’s to GIRL POWER!


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