Visit These Absolutely Unexplored Monuments At The Delhi Golf Club

We all know of the Delhi Golf Club with its elite membership, that has a waiting period of easily over 50 years! The Club, situated on Dr Zakir Hussain Road, has a sprawling 18-hole course called the Delhi Golf Course, and a smaller 9-hole course. But did you know that the course has several hidden gems within its periphery?…..some Mughal monuments spread across it…. Here’s a short look at some of these monuments:

Lal Bangla

Delhi Golf Club

These are a pair of Mughal style Mausoleums, made out of yellow and red sandstone. The tombs are believed to be of Lal Kunwar and Begum Jaan, Shah Alam II’s mother and daughter respectively.  Because of the combination of sandstones used, these bear a resemblance to the well-known Safdarjung’s Tomb.

The Tomb of Syed Abid

Delhi Golf Club


This tomb, overlooking a small pool, belongs to one of Shah Jahan’s key warriors. It features tile work to add to its beauty. The pool is lit up in the evenings, making it the perfect spot to visit after sunset!

Unnamed Mughal Tomb

Delhi Golf Club

Although never identified, this octagonal tomb features intricate carvings. The interior is a square, with squinches helping translate the wall to the dome.


Delhi Golf Club

Meaning “12 pillars”, this tomb consists of four rooms, with three arches opening out to each side. Although 2 of the pillars are now broken, Barakhamba still is a must-visit.

Mir Taqi’s Tomb

Delhi Golf Club

This tomb has been chosen for restoration a while back, so here’s hoping for the best! Although not in its prime state at the moment, this domed building is still charming in its own right and has a very relaxing atmosphere.


Delhi Golf Club

Close to one of the compound walls of the club is a small garden that merges with its landscape. Originally enclosed by four walls and an entrance, this baghichi has a dome and several chhatris around it. It’s surrounded by stone flower vases. This garden monument got restored in recent times, and its ceiling is now tiled. The material in use here is Lakhauri bricks, of Mughal origin.

Unnamed Mosque

Delhi Golf Club

There is also an unidentified mosque in the course, although it’s not in a very good condition and needs to be restored. Only two domes out of the three built are remaining. But there’s always a certain charm in visiting monuments that show how old they are, and this one surely does!

PS- The monuments are free to visit, but you need to have a membership. Otherwise, make sure to visit with someone who does!

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